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WhoopAss Wednesday 21st April

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  • WhoopAss Wednesday 21st April

    Yo team, i was thinking that this coming Wednesday would be a great time to get down to WhoopAss wednesday and get some last minute drags in before the rainy season really sets in. Also a prime time to meet other members of the PSB crew and see whats new.
    Maybe if some of the men are able to bring demo bikes down they can flaunt the new talent.......I guess you could write it down as advertisement purposes incase the boss is wondering.

    Just a thought as it would be a great night out, and who really needs a 'decent' excuse to ride anyway.

    Post a reply to let me know if anyones keen.

    Keep the shiny side up team and ill see ya round
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    I'm in for that, see how things go I may see if I can get a lend of a 600mm lens for my camera just for the night. Get some good shots on the night.

    Talk closer to the day!


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      Well we all meet in scarbs normally 7:30 pm , then we ride so if the ride wants to go there this time sweet , whatever happens .....

      I just wanna ride
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        Yeah I think I'm taking my car down this next wednesday so I'll be there, only on 4 wheels
        mmmmm sacrilicious


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          hmmmm, 8) i wouldnt mind going down the 1/4, ive never done it on any of my bikes, good excuse to rip up my rear tyre and get some sweet pics!
          if the DJ gonna use a good camera i recon im there

          wats it cost and wat time you ment to be there and how many runs do ya get????


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            my babi is now ready to cop a floggin so i'd like to test her out


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              Full details here:

              btw, I'll have the lens for the night... Don't you worry!!!


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                Cancel - To wet, well motorplex isn't running it anymore so end of story


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                  we should organise it for next week!