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Country Run 1st May

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  • Country Run 1st May

    Small but keen run this week. Judging by the numbers might have to re-name to Honda Country Run.

    No-one crashed which is always a good thing, all though not by lack of trying on my part. (Gotta lean, gotta lean...)

    The highlight of the day was seeing Dave do a Queer eye for the straight guy and turn for the day choosing a bent twin. Thankfully he was too far in front of me to make me go deaf.

    But it still was a Honda so was still good.
    You put the c*nt in country run

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    :shock: Ever since that ride on the SP1 I haven't quite been the same.

    I have switched to Cafe Laite, went to Sydney, hate changing gears, grabbed Party Boys man boobs and have lots of women hanging around 'cos I'm harmless.

    Its true a twin changes everything I am in Sydney scared for the saftey of my arse. Glad the new blade is here so I can go back to normal and I am gunna take the pillion pegs off NRNR in future. :twisted:

    Just glad Mr Boxhead ain't in Sydney...he'd be plying me with Gin Fizz to get his way. Man love is not normal cowboy.

    Real Scared to go out at night in Sydney ...think I'll get Room service and punish the mini bar real bad!!!
    Honda is No 1
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      Unbelievable, you nancy boy inline riders switch to a real mans bike for a weekend and turn into flammin morans.......bwahahahahahaha

      Dont worry MR Warpspeed, you'll keep!!!!!!!!!
      Quote: "What do i like about the GP?......The Crumpet I S&#39;pose" <span style="font-family:Times">The Late Barry Sheene &#39;01</span>


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        Maaaaaaan i miss the country run.

        Now try a country run in Bali... now that is an awesome blend of pure fear and exhileration resulting in a god like euphoria on returning to the hotel 6 hours of solid riding later!!


        The circus is calling...


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          DAMN.....what shit they giving you to ride man?? hahah

          AND wheres yer frickin safety gear??!!! haha... damn man..why u having all da fun :?


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            If ya eva been to Bali, then you know that's all dey got to give ya...

            And you only need saftey gear if ya gonna crash...
            Aim high and consider yourself worthy of great things


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              Is that a giant mushroom in the background ?????


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                giant mushrooms, front licence plates
                its like some sort of crazy land
                this looks more painful than being a mexicans ass sphincter

                the doctor said i wouldn't have so many nose bleeds if i kept my finger out of there.