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MRAWA Senior First Aid course July 10, 17

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  • MRAWA Senior First Aid course July 10, 17

    MRAWA are also running a senior first aid course
    in Osborne Park on the 10th & 17th of July 2004 at a cost of $50. Is anyone interested contact [email protected]

    It is being put on/sponsored by the MRAWA. It would be great if you were
    a member but this is not a prerequisite. It's a service that we are offering to assist motorcyclists in case something happens to a fellow motorcyclist.

    There are more than enough numbers and we may have to run two or three of them. It is being run on two Saturdays being the 10th & the 17th. The next one will be run over a weekend.

    MRAWA is the Motorcycle Riders Association of WA, not short for Mr. OkinAwa engineer on the new ZX10R =D

    Did anyone watch the alcohol episode of critical mass 8pm thursday on the ABC? After a clear breath alcohol level for 3hrs, hazard awareness driving test showed reactions were normal, but judgement/execution of the reactions taken were not.

    So if you've seen a cop and reacted by pulling a stoppie then a mono, there may be a legitimate excuse for you.

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    Im interested in getting my S F A. And thats not Sweet Fuck All!

    Might have to be the 17 coz If Im back at work this week, I have to work Saturday.

    Also I wanna talk to you and anyone else with a Bike Cam setup on their bike, coz I'll have the cash for one in about a months time.

    Catch ya.
    Riding, the only place no-one bothers me, Live to Ride!


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      Kewl I'll do it. Maybe than they can teach me how to do self injection like in Pulp Fiction
      You put the c*nt in country run


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        it has been cancelled, contact Roy at e-mail address above to find out when it has been rescheduled to. (course is a 2 day course, held over 2 saturdays)

        If I wasn't considering the ride to Toodyay, I might go there and take people's $50, they'll wait inside 30min before realising its a scam =D