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Brass Monkey or Cheers - Your Votes Please

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  • Brass Monkey or Cheers - Your Votes Please

    Alright kiddies.

    No doubt a lot of you would have now had the opportunity to attend a GP at both the Brass Monkey and at Cheers.

    Its now time to vote for your favourite venue hoping that you can now make an educated judgement on your fav GP spot so we can finalise the preferred location once and for all.

    So, for the rest of the 2004 season, what venue would you like the Moto GP at?

    (Poll open for 5 days)
    Brass Monkey

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    I'm sorry but my vote goes with the Monkey.

    It got so stuffy in Cheers... there is only enough seating for about 1/3 of the crowd, and if you are seated... unless you are right at the front you cant see much due to the others standing. I like the idea of having more than one screen to watch too.

    I do like the food at Cheers though... but u cant have everything.

    What are everyone elses thoughts?
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      Well I'm tighter than a frog arse so my vote will go to Cheers for the cost of drinks and quality of food. Plus the parking is way better IMHO. But I think the seating needs to be improved and a 2nd screen showing the GP instead of some movie would be nice.

      Sorry Campo but $5 a pint beats $6 anyday plus better/quicker service also helps say my vote.

      But Kym couldn't you talk them into letting us use the upstairs function area???

      But its only the 2nd GP there so it can only get better.
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        My vote goes to Cheers. The only con was the small area we were again packed into, but the pros outweigh that.

        Easier to get there (not such a busy area), better parking, great food (good to see nibblies tonight too), quick and friendly service, and cheaper drinks.

        Well that's my thoughts. Be good to see a second screen up for those poor suckers up the back as already mentioned, but serves y'all right for rocking up late!
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          I agree with the whole space thing.. but i think we had the same issues at both venues, getting rather friendly with a fellow PSB'er seems to be the only way through the crowd.

          Cheers certainly wins on the drink prices.


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            I like cheers for the bike parking but I find the seating more comfortable and plentiful at the Brass Monkey and as we are all contained in one area instead of spread out the atmosphere is better.

            I will go to either one, but my vote is with the Monkey.

            So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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                my vote went with cheers. im sure the seating thing can be sorted out with cheers staff if we decided to stay there.

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                  Atmosphere at the monkey is heaps better, and two screens is also a bonus, but there are seating problems at both! we needed to f%#k off those tables at the front so as more people could sit down, the bike parking at cheers was good (wish i had a road bike to ride there)
                  I'm happy to continue to go to either, but both have to have the seating problems worked out !

                  my vote thou goes to the Monkey


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                    The atmosphere is better at the brass monkey...
                    and the space and seating is alot better... even though they may have the barmaid from hell :shock:

                    Cheers would be perfect if we had more space though...


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                      I would go the Monkey aswell but u could always try the upstairs area at cheers for another suggestion. I was up there a couple of weeks ago with the owners for a private function and would probably suit our groups size very well depending on how they would go with screens and that.

                      It has a private bar too so no probs with getting drinks etc.
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                        Smoke was my only real drama with Cheers, Although as has been said seating could be better.

                        Well done to Kym for sorting this out for the last two nights and for getting the happy hour and nibblies going.

                        I will attend either but with the hope that Cheers can be fine tuned a little then my vote goes to cheers.

                        Remember - The Brass Monkey lied to us, or so we were lead to believe.

                        For those that didn't hear about it, ( Round 6 - Assen I think the Saturday one ) We were told that the Brass couldn't have us because of a function, One of our guys went there by mistake only to find the sports bar had a couple of people sitting there watching the footy :roll:
                        That doesn't sound like a private function to me, So what's to stop them from spinning shit again letting us all down.

                        Your Call


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                          the food is great and reasonably priced (haven't heard anyone complain about the steak sangas), the staff are great, the drinks are cheap. I'm sure the seating could be better (TEETHING problems people - nothing is perfect first or second time round - we were still bitching after how many rounds at the monkey??).

                          Also we gotta get mine and Firestorm's lazy-arse-kitchen-bitch mate to do some work on his so-called "quiet" sunday nights.

                          And i reckon we gotta give kudos to Kym for organising it on short notice, and not crashing due to critisicm - you rock!! 8)

                          My 2c
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                            Whats all this about the staff being great? The service at Cheers fucking sucked balls.

                            I liked the place, don't get me wrong, but seriously, the service there was shithouse. I wasn't the only one to joke about dying of thirst. And the lacklustre attitudes behind the bar. Meh. It's the only slight I have about the place, besides that, Cheers was great.
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                              Whats all this about the staff being great? The service at Cheers fucking sucked balls.
                              I guess you havn't met the barmaid from hell at the Brass monkey then :?: