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  • DH MountainBike Run

    This Saturday the 13th October. My regular riding partner is working and I have just finished sorting out my new frame setup.

    I would like to head out to the GoatFarm in midland but will also head out to Gunjin or Mundaring for a run aswell.

    Will start early as it is meant to be warm for the weekend.

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    I get out to Gunjin a bit, haven't done goatfarm in years. If you do Gunjin are you doing the dh section only or whole circuit? I'm guessing by the bike dh only!!

    Have you got a car to bring back up or do you just walk it?


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      I used to have a manik HT so used to just ride up and down. This will be my first time out on this bike so I have no idea if I will be able to pedal it anywhere. If I am on my own I usually head out to Gungin as it is a little less deadly if I fuck up Plus it is a bit more serene out there.

      No ute/4wd to get back to the top


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        im interested. have done GF and the little oven circuit b4. any more details?


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          I will be going out to Mt gungin to play on the little oven circuit and associated DH runs. Meet place is the carpark at "The Dell" .

          I will be starting my way uphill at 9:00 sharp so get there at at least 8:45 if you wish to join me.

          Will probably hand around for a few hours depending on how quickly it heats up. All are welcome to come, Mt Gungin has fairly smooth trails and I used to ride it on a hardTail so that is not an issue.

          Pm me if you have any questions or need to know where the Dell is

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            last call for any that want to come. Will check thread later tonight to confirm details with anyone interested


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              The Dell is located around 20 minutes drive up mandaring wier road from Kalamunda or about 10 minutes drive past the wier itself if you are coming from the mundaring side.

              There is a wooden sign and a bike crossing at the entrance to the dell so keep your eyes peeled