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  • Avon Descent

    Am thinking about doin the avon descent next year. Any one out there had a crack at it before? Was planning on paddling it unless someone knows someone who needs a co-driver in a dinghy. Any hot tips or info would be greats thanks.

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    talk to eukanuba, i think he was looking for a counterweight for his dinghy this year
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      Cool thanks, will try and contact him.


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        hey scottie, are you interested still ? ( or is anyone interested in joining ? )

        I'm gonna start getting back into it this year - and we're gonna need a team psb.. involves camping, drinking alcohol, camp fires.. cookin on an open fire.. ( or pub meals if you dont like making camp fire stew and damper )..

        we'll be doing the blackwood river, the swan river.. and of course, the avon for 2008 !
        Come and see us in the 2011 Avon Descent - we're racing boat #234 !