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Northam bike show

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  • Northam bike show

    We are travelling from Kelmscott, Saturday am, returning Sunday arvo.
    Anyone interested in joining up, please gimme a pm.

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    what sorta route you thinking of going? direct or scenic? and pace? missus and i were going to leave around 10ish, also staying satday night.
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      Hadn't really considered the route, probably direct there and scenic back. I expect there to be lots of pretty two tone cars wiv nice lights everywhere, so it won't be silly speeds.
      Yeah, 10 o'clock is fine..
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        Like always there'll be the Midland boys up Great Eastern around The Lakes area, Northam boys will be patrolling down to Clackline, the obligatory handheld and license checks on the western entrance into down (by the bridge) and expect a little black bastard and another candy car doing the Toodyay rd / Northam bypass route.

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