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Dirt Biking Saturday 3rd Nov

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  • Dirt Biking Saturday 3rd Nov

    My riding buddies are currently out of action and I haven't had the beast out in a while. Have just fitted a new plug and air filter so want to go for a ride.

    This will probably be a half day effort, leave early morning depending on weather (around 8:30 if cooler) and get back mid afternoon.

    This is just going to be a mess around ride, I do not get all competitive and whatnot.

    If anybody would like to come PM me. I have a ute so if you live close to Vic park I could probably organize to come pick someone up.

    Pm me for location details or pickup if you want to come out.


    (I try to ride with other people so that if everything goes to shit there is someone to sort it out)

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    Bumpin it up


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      well, ended up heading out on my own. This is the parking lot

      Sorry about the img size.

      It was a great day for a bush bash, got out there a bit late but the weather was still fine, cool enough that when you are moving it was comfortable.

      I found some new enduro loops that were quite fun, on of them was a bit hard on the small 2-stroke though

      Sorry no other pics but it's a little hard when you are riding over whoops and pea gravel.

      Will post up ride info for next ride if anyone is interested.


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        Bah! missed the post, would have came out...
        go to bartons mill much?


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          I have never been out to bartons mill but know where it is. I usually head up to metro road as it is a designated off road recreation area, you don't often run into other people on the tracks because there are so many of them so it's quite nice, and because it's a bit further from perth you don't get the dickheads that just want to show off to their mates (eg, the pines)