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EOI - Marg River (Swan Valley) Chocolate Factory ride

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  • EOI - Marg River (Swan Valley) Chocolate Factory ride

    Did someone say chocolate?

    Sunday 18th, leaving Scarbs (cos it's close for me) to Margaret River Chocolate Factory in the Swan Valley, arrive around lunch so you can pig out and impulse buy yourselves silly. Meet and leave time to be figured out closer to the day.

    It's the warmer months so bring an insulated bag type of thing if you're going to be buying chocolatey things.

    Who's in?

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    You're gonna have a million females attend this one, nice work ...


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      Sorry mate, not me. Going to be pulling bikes out of the sand that weekend
      However, FJ and Uncle Ho (MyFX) are 2 examples of people that dont fit this genre but fit into the forum well as well respected members.


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        If not going for the chocolate, go for the scenery. Or a winery if they're open. :o I love the area (And I don't even drink).

        Will be able to confirm next weekend. The main reason it's particularly hard to pin myself in for rides either side would have to be that my 21st falls on the week in between, and a great many people I know are threatening to come out of the woodworks. :/ Trying to get a scope of what's going to be happening and when before I give a yes.


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          MMMMMMM eating free samples FTW
          "Some people are like clouds. When they disappear it's a beautiful day"


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            Ohhhhhhhhh chocolate.....

            I'm going on the Learner/Newbie ride that Sunday, otherwise I'd be there for sure... damn you!!
            R Legal and loving it


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              lets doo eet

              better ask the boss first


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                Methinks I will be in Perth for this w00t. And this is kinda near where I grew up! Childhood memories ftw :p
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                  In for the ride, not sure about the chocolate.

                  Lunch at Duckstein or Elmars later?


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                    250 friendly?
                    Feels good man.


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                      Yeaaa... why not.


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                        Bike may be in pieces that weekend.... will see...


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                          well after sitting in the garage talking to the boss and pleading it seems I can go but the boss wants a wash and clean first and fitment of sheepskin seatcovers


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                            Boss? you had me worried there for a bit Sabre lol

                            um if I arrange to get my bike picked up from Rilusi before I fly back into Perth saturday night, and if not too hung over and jet lagged will have to choose between this or terrorising newbies on 250's.......

                            we shall see

                            Probably this ride but only cos Torq has the right idea
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                              Originally posted by foolishboy View Post
                              Boss? you had me worried there for a bit Sabre lol
                              <-- Boss without wheels

                              have to ask the Boss