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  • BAsic M'cycle Maintenance Course

    Hello everyone,
    I am just writing to let you know that Alert Motorcycle School will run its next Basic Motorcyle Maintenance Course on Sunday 16 December 2007.
    Our Basic Motorcyle Maintenance Course is run by a qualified mechanic in a real workshop.
    Looking after your first motorcycle can be a bit daunting. There are a number of daily, weekly and other regular checks and adjustments that need to be made to keep your machine running safely and
    free of expensive mechanical damage.
    The good news is that looking after your motorcycle is not too difficult - if you know how. You will also save lots of money!
    The course will cover general care and cleaning of your motorcycle, pre-ride machine safety check systemand regular maintenance including tyres (pressure, wear etc.), chain
    adjustment and lubrication, oil and other fluid checks, electrical, brakes, levers and cable care
    Full details can be found on our site or you can contact us directly on 0405148062.
    David Palmer
    alert motorcycle school

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    feed back from others who have done these courses has been very positive..

    Hey Dave...
    What's the cost these days..??
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      I'm interested in this. Will have to see how that Sunday looks.

      According to the site they're $45 and it's in Bayswater, if I read it right.


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        I'd be in on this except the Learner/Newbie Christmas Ride is on the same day :S


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          thanks for my new baby...but dont have a clue how to look after her....will be booking in for this for sure

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