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Christmas party song requests.

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  • Christmas party song requests.

    What do you want played?

    Current suggestions:

    Baby Got Back by Sir Mixalot
    Funky cold Medina
    Stayin Alive
    California - by Tupac
    Woomp there it is
    The fresh prince of bel air - tick tick boom (dont know the title)
    House of pain - jump around
    Biggy - Hypnotise
    Ice Cube f/ Mack 10 and Ms.Toi - You Can Do It
    Pink - You Make Me Sick
    Salt-n-Pepa - Push it
    Fatman Scoop f/ Crooklyn Clan - Be Faithful

    I cant dance for nuts tho

    oh and dubs' wake playlist ftw
    throw a kit - hollywood holt.
    mmm bop...hansen

    Oh sorry, just threw up a bit in my mouth........
    the devil went down to georgia
    mack the knife
    mustang sally
    oh, and ginuine, my pony, just because i want to see womens get all "come ride it, my saddle..." on it.

    oh yeeeaaahh
    ratm, gunners and metallica plz
    and acdc.. and and and and and

    but srsly, please dont just play hiphoppy type stuff

    Play something you can dance too, not just get whiplash with.
    Originally Posted by Tuscadero
    Play something you can dance too, not just get whiplash with.

    lol, my neck doesnt have the stamina it used to, hence the hip hop

    dance playlist != everyday listening playlist
    We best be having some Sexual Healing... Cant go past Marvin Gaye lol

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    Daft Punk plz


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      Jutin Timberlake...Im Bringin Sexy Back...for da dubbers.
      Missy Elliot.
      Old skool 80's.
      Lenny Kravitz.

      thats aboot it fer now. cant think of nuthin else.
      Originally posted by Red_is_Best
      hahah I hate it when they do that and you make some noises like you had it done just last year, then they give you that look, like you are a bad vagina owner and you should take better care of it!


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        Shit! what have i started.


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          lots of metallica, kiss and nirvana

          and maybe some alice cooper and iron maiden
          Is Dead


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            yeah putting my above 'hansen' request aside ( really)

            Some good partay music.

            Mix it up, Doof Doof, top 40, RNB, heavier stuff everyones got there own tastes....
            `Ride on Cam - No. 52` :aus-salute:


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              Originally posted by Fastgirl View Post
              Old skool 80's.
              Lenny Kravitz.


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                Korn's cover of Jingle Bells: [ame=]YouTube - Korn- Jingle Balls[/ame]


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                  ahaha love that song^^^

                  how bout barbie girl by aqua? no?

                  then some good old motown... or better yet bohemian rhapsody - queen
                  (226): Forecast for tonight is alcohol, low standards and poor decisions.


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                    +1 on funky cold medina

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                      Oops up - Snap.
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                      Its the little things that make the difference
                      Originally posted by IPIT on relationships
                      If either/both of you can take a dump with the other person being next to you within a week of meeting them then you're in with a VERY good chance.


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                        land down under - dedicate it to all us expats
                        Originally posted by vk6hgr
                        My Hyosung couldn't do that speed if it was dropped in from orbit.


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                          Crazy Penis, night on earth
                          Skweeif Private funktion both are albums
                          Dead Kennedys, give me convienance or give me death, too drunk to [email protected]#, buzzbomb from passedena.
                          D4, sake bomb outta my head.
                          Donna's, spend the night, take it off, back seat, not the one, to bad about your girl
                          Spazzys, Aloha go Banana's, album's good except for the cover of boyfriends back which is a crap song anyway and nothing could be done with it IMO,
                          Dandy Warholes, Get off, We used to be friends, bohemien like you, solid, horse pills, last junkie on earth.
                          Dropkick Murphys, Black out ,Black Velvet band, The Burden, captian kelly's kicthen
                          Eagles of death metal, want you so hard, speaking in tounges, whorehooping
                          Fireballs, rush ,go go go
                          Foo Fighters , genorator, all my life, no way back.
                          Fat Dex Feat trey, creepin
                          Hill top hoods, simmy and the gravy spitter, nose bleed section, clown prince, the hard road restrung, what a great night.
                          Iggy pop, lust for life, real wild child
                          Jed whitey, I'm ok you're [email protected], own private altamont
                          Sperhiest, step back
                          Pendulum , hold your color (pretty much the whole album but if you had to pick, slam)
                          Spider bait, on my way, buy me a pony, outta my head, black betty
                          Pixies, wave of mutilation, debaser, gouge away, he come your man
                          Primal scream, country girl, rocks
                          ok go, here it goes, do what you want, invincible
                          Prodigy, spitfire, breathe, fire starter

                          Eh that will do for the moment more to come if I get bored.
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                            The HOFF !

                            But seriously, play and drum n bass ieendulum and watch me go off. A select few have seen it.


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                              Word up - Cameo

                              Breakin..Theres no stopping us - Ollie and Jerry (OST Breakdance The Movie).