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Killing Thursdays - 12/09/2019

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  • Event Killing Thursdays - 12/09/2019

    I'm killing a few hours on Thursday and if you'd like to come for a ride with me you're welcome.

    Meet at Caltex in Stratton

    Stands up @ 7pm.

    Pace will be whatever I feel like(don't like it, wave and leave).
    Usually I ride in full leathers...make your own choices.
    It will be a couple of hours of riding...may involve a coffee stop depending on how I feel

    Typically my rides encounter animals, gravel, sand, honky nuts, cage-drivers and police.
    They are not generally learner friendly but if you feel confident/competent and are prepared for others to point and laugh if you end up in a garden...bring your shadow.
    All I've got and more for #294...RIP Chris Adley
    #158...RIP James Thompson

    Originally posted by Ryanoceros
    Wooohoo !! Fucking 10/10 ride. Cheers for that Aari, you really conditioned my sphincter

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    Well that cuts me out.