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    Okay , I gotta letter we just gotta Sunday Send It ! Lets Mail that F$&[email protected]
    MEET 7.30AM BP 1 Ballantyne Rd Kewdale.
    Early shortish ride 150km , about 2 Hours plus Coffee time 🙂
    Come join and enjoy many tight twisty hills Rds...🙂
    Stop for Coffee and Brekky
    Brook 508 Cafe & Restaurant , Roleystone.
    All welcome just ride @ yr own pace and we will regroup at all intersections and more.
    Suitable for all riders, however must be comfortable with riding to the speed limit and on highway roads. If you require a shadow, please post the shadow request to the event with the class and your suburb.
    All riders must possess a valid drivers licence for their riding class and display any required L or P plate at all times if so required by law.
    ***Disclaimer: By participating in this event, all riders assume and take full liability and responsibility for any damage, accident, injury or property loss associated with organised events. iRIDE WA has zero tolerance for any unsafe or antisocial behaviour
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