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whoop ass wed 24/11

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  • whoop ass wed 24/11

    good day all!

    i am commentating at the motorplex 2nite, so if you're heading down let me know, and if you're not, Y NOT!?!?

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    I'm not. exam tomorrow morning at 8:30
    prolly wouldn't be anyway, cos i'm living cheapo atm. lol
    No amount of genius can overcome a preoccupation to detail.


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      Cant this week, doing the valves on the TL and Mr Gohan is making her beautiful again.

      If the bike is all together again, and some people are interested, will go next week though. :twisted:

      Do you commentate every week vixen?
      If life is a journey to death, then i want to just barely make it... skidding in sideways out of gas with smoke rolling from the motor on two bald tires, still drunk from last night and still owing everyone money!!!


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        do you need to have riding boots to race? website says you just need enclosed shoes, and last time i was down there (about a year ago) i just wore my sneakers (not covering ankle)

        reckon ill be okay with sneakers?
        Air // KevLar // BigKev

        I'M EXCITED!


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          sneakers are fine
          Nizmo? Who's that bitch??

          The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves!


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            phew couldnt be bothered carrying them so left them at home
            Air // KevLar // BigKev

            I'M EXCITED!


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              workin.....sorry vix
              "Continuous effort--not strength or intelligence--is the key to unlocking our potential." - W. Churchill


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                hey all

                thanx for replying, and thanx for those that came down, sorry i couldnt hang around longer, started work at 10pm @ RAC.

                I was commentating as a competition, with any luck I win and I will be down there every week

                Im there almost every week any way - but you know wat i mean

                Will keep you posted