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Friday 15 Aug ride Northies / Southies

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  • Friday 15 Aug ride Northies / Southies

    OK, depending on the weather, I'm up for a ride.
    Will get to Freo about 7:30pm outside the food hall for 8pm departure.

    For the northies, meet G-Grade Pizza same times.

    Destination - Scarbs.

    After that, well we'll just go anywhere.

    Last one there's a one eye'd, blue veined, custard chucker

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    Done deal, northies will get to scabs before us I assume but there're big boys.

    Campo, if I dont make it to the food hall my mum has let my tyres down (she doesn't want me riding) [laugh]
    mmmmm sacrilicious


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      Are we still on?

      (A cold front is approaching from the west. A shower or two may develop later
      this afternoon ahead of the front. Expect showery periods overnight and early
      Saturday with the front. Showers should then ease and generally clear during the
      Sunday should be fine though expect cloudy weather at times.)


      So on the eight day, after wasting time faffing about with unimportant guff like heaven & earth & the waters & sky & creatures [& having a wee kip] & man.... God created PSB (GenesiSX-R1000)


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        yeah i think what was said in the 2nd page of other thread was spot on, if it rains this arvo, no go. If no rain, then it should hold off until "overnight".

        I havent slept since thursday morning, so will only be able to make it to Scabs at best, by 8:30pm? Where abouts will you all rendezvous?

        If its shit weather or I sleep through, Sunday sounds good alternative.



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          mmmm rain to the south, that fronts on its way in boyz......

          keeping an eye out.


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            Campo, did you woose out on friday night? I was hanging out with murray and the ulysses guys and noone showed up!

            I had 5 or 6 speckles of rain on my bike and that was it.. no excuses!
            mmmmm sacrilicious


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              Nah mate, got called into work at the last minute....damn Americans!


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                how is murray mastrmage? havent seen his ass in ages?? still riding that guzzi?


                • #9
                  Yeah he's okay, he's still on the guzzi, and the gilera lol !
                  mmmmm sacrilicious


                  • #10
                    that Gilera is a BEAST!! i remember he rode it from belmont to joondalup on that charity ride a while back...hahaha


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                      hehehe I'm waiting to Muzz start throwing some stand ups on it!!! Now that'd be damn awesome, lets get him some PerthExtreme stickers for it.


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                        I think he likes that thing more than the guzzi
                        mmmmm sacrilicious


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                          I wanna go!!! he never lets ME have a go!!