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anyone want to drive to adelaide?

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  • anyone want to drive to adelaide?

    just putting a msg out to see if anyone wants to share the driving on a trip to adelaide
    im towing my bike there then riding through tas,vic and nsw then back
    business partner is only back in aus for a short time so i only have a 2 1/2 weeks window to do it in
    so the faster i get to adelaide the more time i get to spend riding over there
    leaving 9/4/09 and have to be back 28/4/09
    so if anyone is from adelaide and wants to go back for a holiday over easter and is willing to share the driving let me know

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    if only i didnt have to be there for the fourth. And used to drive for a living. Sorry cant help out... But well worth the ride, hope the trailer is somewhat aero dynamic...
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      should finish trailer next week and hopefully get rego on it the week after


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        you wouldnt have room for another bike would you?
        im wanting to do a trip over there was going to ride the bike but think I will only want to do the long trip one way
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        Wouldn't be like me to upset the herd.


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          Whats your plans for when you in Tas mate? PM me if you want some info!
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            im sure i could fit another bike on


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              hey. Im looking to head over east backpacking for 3 months around then. I would rather help a fellow psb'r out than fly over.
              The only problem is that im loosing my licence (cant drive= cant work=reason for epic holiday) so i wont be able to drive..mayb a tiny bit.

              But im happy to pay my share of the fuel for the seat over. Where abouts too in adelaide im not fussed about. Let me know if you think it could work?. Cheers