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Red Cross Blood Donation Ride

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  • Red Cross Blood Donation Ride

    Ok people time to be good samaritans.

    Heres my proposal:

    Organise a ride for a Monday or Wednesday night

    Meet Scarbs, McShit Berwik Street, or whatever.

    Arrive at Perth Perth Blood Donor Centre 290 Wellington Street
    around 6:30 - 7:00pm

    Donate blood


    Recomend that ride ends at the blood bank, coz we dont want to be putting the stuff back in.


    If you interested and never donated before you can see if you eligble here:

    I am willing to do the organising eg bookings, but if you say your going to come and decide you then cant make sure you tell me, coz they get really shirty if you dont turn up.

    Whattya Think


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    love to dude but my blood is no good, too many mad
    cows in it !!

    Due to the unsubstantiated and unknown risk of transmission of Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (vCJD), commonly known as Mad Cow Disease, people who spent a cumulative period of six (6) months or more in the United Kingdom between 1 January 1980 and 31 December 1996 or received transfusions of blood or blood products in the United Kingdom from 1 January 1980 to the present, cannot donate blood until further notice.


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      I am in, Wendesday avo is fine by me. PM if u organising


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        I'll be in if you need to book or anything, I'm free after 4.30 weekdays
        mmmmm sacrilicious


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          I was just reading that donor questionaire online.....

          Within the last 12 months have you:
          14. Had a tattoo (including cosmetic tattooing), skin piercing, electrolysis or acupuncture?

          Does that mean its a complete no-go for tatts within 12 months? Anyone know?

          By the way, good work TRX. Theres no telling when one of us could find our OWN asses desperate for blood... i'm sure everyone would like to expect its there for themselves when they are in the need? so lets face the needles and make it available while the time is good. small price guys.


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            if you want to come your have untill Friday 19th of September to PM me if you want to join, please state if you have donated before because that will mean you will take a little longer in your inteview thing. I will then endeovour to book during the following week. It will be probably either a monday or wednesday night, because they are open till 8pm. Let me know if you preferance for a day.

            It dosent have to be at night i just thought that woul dbe more convinent. As i am a uni bum, anytime day/night is good,

            Ride will probably be short - sorry, i dont know too many
            i am thinking:

            Meet Berwick Street Macas
            twistys behind burswood
            get on Southbound GF Freeway
            Exit at Great easterhighway
            GF Freeway onramp (hehe i love that onramp)
            Then into blood bank on wellington street.

            Suggestion welcome.