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A word about our sponsors - Golfields Motorcycle School

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  • A word about our sponsors - Golfields Motorcycle School

    Goldfield motorcycle school has alot to do with making this possible , John Green has helped us out by allowing us to use one of his track days as the PE day. for those that are interested , John Green holds a trackday/ braking and cornering course around about once a month , the're a fantastic day where you get to learn heaps about your bike and your ability on a motorbike (or lack of it). The course runs for $295 and this covers everything you need to know about riding fast, smooth and safe !there is usually about 4-5 instructors for a group of about 15-20 riders , so you tend to get some pretty good feedback , also they will video your performance with a helmet camera so as you can see just where you're going wrong ! the crew from Goldfields are really friendly and always willing to help ! Lunch is provided on the day and tea and coffee is free all day ! They also hold a 2 day advanced course about once a year , it's not compulsory to do the one day course first but it does make things alot easier ! the 2 day course is $550 and they cover suspension setup and some more techniques for faster lap times ! If you have already done a 1 day or 2 day course then you can use the John Green days purely as a track day , the way it works is when the course is in the classroom you get to ride the track and perfect your skills that you have already been taught ! you do 1/2 hr sessions on the track starting at 8am and finishing around 4-5pm !
    links to Goldfields can be found on our site and John is always avaliable to let you know when the next day is on !
    On the Perth Extreme track day John and his staff will be out at the track , so feel free to ask them for any advice that you might need !