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wed night ride 17/09/03

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  • wed night ride 17/09/03

    wed night ride weather permitting if any one keen meet 8.00pm at 9 frobisher st osborne park, next to alf barbagallo let me know if keen and bring ya mates or pillions, hopefully will be a good night for a fang.

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    so wednesday instead of tuesday agreed?


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      Where ya planning on going?


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        Sounds GOOD b there


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          going to try and get me new tires on tomorrow so might be a good way to run them in.


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            WED NIGHT RIDE 17/09/03

            Not sure where we going,will try to leave by 8.30pm have a bit of a map of some roads to take but looking for some input from everyone so its enjoable for everyone no matter what size bike your on, anyway turn up and you'll see.


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              Why not meet at scabz? Theres food, women, and more bikerz etc


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                we can always cruise up to scabs


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                  arrhhhh im farkin sick .. fuck

                  Nick :twisted:


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                    Yeah, I'm out after only having 2 hours sleep thismorning...... I can hardly see the computer so my guess is that being on the road aint a good idea!


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                      I just made it in time (i was aptly the last one there (slowest), silver balius) thankful for the blunt 8:30pm depart

                      great ride for what i was there for, I lost everyone at Noranda shops got since stuck behind a car and then took wrong turn after seeing indicators. stopped and read where to next, went passed Tuart Hill break saw everyone parked but had to keep on home doing all nighter as it is.

                      the bore water on the twisties was a pissoff, sorry to the few riders behind me as I dropped back, I would normally have kept up, but unfamiliar road at night with water and unsure tyres gutted my confidence.

                      an oil temp guage would have been interesting

                      thanks to Gary for the ride guide, the rest sounded great and river runs on top of that good too...

                      that sandy bit on Hamilton I found out about on Monday - during day luckily, after ratio change so bottom of 2nd is nicer, i tried and it stepped out a bit instantly - hate to hit it at night without knowing.