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Hills Explorer II - 9th August

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  • 250 Friendly Hills Explorer II - 9th August

    Hills Explorer II

    EDIT: Meeting at the Caltex Servo next to the Red Rooster, Gt Eastern Hwy, Midvale. There is a BP Servo across the road if anyone has preferences to the fuel they use.

    Meet 1030hrs leaving 1100hrs sharp.

    There is a twisty section to this ride, which may be of interest to the more daring on larger bikes. I will stop the group at the beginning of this section to allow those riders to go first and we will regroup at the end of the section. Route maps will be sent to those concerned. The more careful types should follow at my speed.

    There will be a smoko about halfway but we will not be stopping at a pub!

    Ride will finish at Macca’s in Midvale, which is the same place we finished last time. Hopefully, the renovations will be finished by then.


    For the noobs who have yet to go for a ride in the hills and others who are looking for an easy run.

    The last one of these we did will give you a fair idea of the roads and speed we travel. I will be leading this route on the Awesome Italian Scooter so this is definitely 250 friendly and we’ll have plenty of catch up points to ensure nobody gets lost.

    The roads we will travel can be narrow and as such, there will be no corner markers, only a TEC and myself. This will avoid the overtaking manoeuvres on roads that can have plenty of bends and the chance of oncoming traffic. Each rider will corner mark for the person behind. If you can’t see the rider behind at a corner, you wait in a place you can be seen. If you think you are lost, stop and wait for the TEC who will move you on. This might stretch us out a little but we’re in no hurry. Do not go too fast trying to catch up or start guessing which way the group went. Major intersections will be catch up points.

    Offset your position on the road by all means but single file braking distances please. If the guy in front has to move sideways and hit the anchors hard, you need to make sure you’re far enough back to stop safely. Speeds will be around the limit due to the amount of cages also using these roads at the weekends but being winter, it shouldn’t be too bad. And again for emphasis, we are in no hurry. If you haven’t travelled these roads before, take notice of signs on bends.

    And the warnings to the noobs:
    • Watch the rider in front of you. If he/she brakes, it’s probably for a reason.
    • Keep an eye on your speed and ensure you have plenty of room to stop.
    • Stay on the left side of the road but avoid riding too close to the edge.
    • Single file braking distances.
    • Some descents are steep and winding. Cover your brakes.
    • Watch out for wildlife.

    See you there.

    PS If anyone wants to TEC this ride, please post up. We can't ask the same blokes to do this all the time.
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    Im in 1st


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        should be in for this


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          In. +1
          User contains traces of nuts.


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            wow. talk about planning waaaaay ahead into the future

            im in
            There is no more time, even for cake. For you, the cake is over. You have reached the end of cake.


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              Planning ahead so as not to clash with Stoney's rather popular and well subscribed country runs.
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                yea sounds like another fun ride through the hills again


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                    Out like a gay man and a closet.

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                    FEADCinc, PSB?


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                      Details of ride and times added to the first post.
                      Please, call me Flash...


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                        In, seeing as the meet point is 2 mins from my house.

                        Flash il put my hand up to TEC this ride


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                          looking forward to it flash


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                            cool. i missed the first hills explorer
                            There is no more time, even for cake. For you, the cake is over. You have reached the end of cake.


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                              REPENT MOTHER FUCKER
                              (anarchy in english )