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Trans Northern Aus Ride - Winter 2010

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  • Trans Northern Aus Ride - Winter 2010

    Hi All,

    I'm planning a tour/ride for next winter (2010) for myself leaving from Sydney going north along the coast up as far as Cairns, down across and back up to Kakudu / Darwin, down the WA coast through Bromme, Karijini NP, across to Ningaloo Reef/Coral Bay and follow the coast south back through Perth.

    I'm planning on shipping the bike across to Sydney (I've done the Nullabour too many times previously) & starting from there. Guessing on 7 to 8 weeks for the full trip taking it easy and seeing the country (approx 8,000 kms and it won't be a race) but would like some company for at least some of the way if anyone is interested. Please let me know.

    I'll post a preliminary route map below but would love to hear from anyone having knowledge of the route of interesting places / roads for the trip. I haven't been across the top end before so any help on routes & points of interest would be great.

    I have a BMW R1150R which is based on the GS so can do some dirt but is really best on roads.

    Love to hear any comments, suggestions - all welcome.
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    1st Hurdle over - Leave approved June & July 2010........
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      Update - Top End Tour 2010

      Hi Peeps,

      The ride plan is pretty much there now. I'll be riding across the Nullabour now to the Barossa, diagonally up to Brisy, up the QLD coast to the Daintree, back west stopping around Darwin/Kakudu for a week, across the North west coast and back down the west coast.

      If you are interested you can find the route through this link to Google Maps (there are 4 pages worth).
      The Great Top End Tour 2010 - Google Maps

      Anyone interested in meeting up for any part just let me know.

      I haven't been across the top before so if I am missing any "must sees" then would love to hear from you.

      50 days to go.................
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        good luck with the trip post up some pics as you go


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          Hi m8, was up there about 5yrs ago in statesman pulling caravan, check out Mataranka springs on way up to Katherine, in Darwin go to Litchfield pk (its Kakadu all in one place)& can be seen in a day...Kakadu is so vast & most rds are dirt & 4wd access only! Only place i went to in Kakadu was Ubirr to view aboriginal rock art..

          Also check out Territory Wildlife pk(was great) & Aquascence(which is where you can hand feed fish @ the old flying boat base) & go for a cruise around Darwin harbour...Also the jumping crocodiles on the Adelaide river! Ther is heaps to see in Darwin just grab a brochure from any caravan pk..

          Just before Kunnunurra you can drive down onto the Lake Argyle dam, Flight tours from Kunnunurra are the only way to the diamond mine...

          I didn't get to see Woolfcreek crater as rd was dirt & couldnt confirm with anyone condition of rd..

          Dont stay at Halls creek the natives are ferile!! Fitzroy lodge also has a caravan pk attached & runs tours from lodge around town, gibb river, or river cruise along Gieke gorge(that was excellent)

          Note.... rd across from Katherine to Kunnunurra is reasonably narrow & all road trains in NT are mostly 4 trailers long... beware of wind drag & flying debris...

          Also when i used to ride up to Bundaberg 30yrs ago i used to dred the cane trucks passing as bits of cane falling off & hitting you sting like shit!!!
          When travelling up the east coast take some good wet weather gear m8, good chance you will hit terential rain bursts! Dont 4get to go out to the Barrier reef? Green Island off Cairns also old railway up in the Hinterland rainforest, think its Karanda?..... Longest jetty in Australia @ Ingham I think? tide goes out for miles.. Sorry memory is not the best! Perhaps Google if interested..

          Wasnt much to see in Wyndham, Derby has the prison Boab tree & Jetty to view...
          I'm sure you'll have a great time !, I wish I was going again... Ur not going to Alice/Ayers Rock? when i was there it pissed down rain & waterfalls were coming off the rock!
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            Hi Everyone,

            I've had a lot of family, friends and forums asking me to keep updating everyone about the trip as I go but when I started looking into it I deceided it would be an absolute pain in the but to update them all so I made an executive decision.

            I've started a blog for the trip. That way those who are interested can follow along.

            Australian Top End Tour 2010

            There is a button on the page that allows you to "Follow" automatically.

            Conversely, if anyone knows how to make the blog print to this thread each time I could do that instead.

            I leave on the 29th so, if I don't see you guys beforehand, look after each other and play nicely....
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              Would love to come...but only just got back

              Looking at your map, you'd be crazy not to go down to Winton and check out the Lark Quarry Dinosaur footprints. Only an extra day or so...

              Also, the Great Central Road from Uluru to Leonora is a good doable run if you're looking for another way back? There was a couple of GS's out there while we were there.

              But otherwise have fun!


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                dude, sounds bloody awesome. Good luck and safe travels


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                  im interested in doing the leg to s.a, depending on a few details, where did you plan on staying the nights and how many hours a day will we be riding to get to s.a?
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                    Hi Swift,

                    Sorry for delay in responding - I work away at mines quite a bit - just got back tonight.

                    Leaving home (near Donnybrook) Saturday 29th May. Not sure where in SA that you are thinking of going to so I'll list until I leave SA & let you decide.

                    1st Night stopping in Esperance - 690 kms (from here) - est around 8 hours ride.
                    2nd night at Madura - 733 kms - probably 8.5 - 9 hours.
                    3rd night at Ceduna - 673 kms - around 8 hours.
                    4th night at Tanunda - 762 kms - around 9.5 hours.
                    5th night at Tanunda - loop ride to the National Motor Museum in Birdwood and back - 111 kms - lots of twisties.
                    6th night at Griffith in NSW.

                    If you are interested you could stay here on the Friday night to ease into it.

                    Give us a call - 97987300 after hours - 0429933314 when in range.

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