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Mandurah: Few games of pool after work on Fridays

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  • Event Mandurah: Few games of pool after work on Fridays

    We have been offered FREE pool and 10% off drinks at Miss Qs on Fridays from 5pm till 7pm. Spoke to a few people on Sundays ride that were keen so thought i would invite Mandurah psb'ers to get together.
    Its a good chance to organise rides for the weekends and meet other locals.
    Of course everyone is welcome (not just Mandurians) dont know how far people are willing to travel.
    The deal is for as long as we want, so if you cant make it this week, we will be there next week as well. Depending on response as to how often we want to make it.
    The owner has kindly offered the venue to psb for FREE for a fundraiser if its of any use. They organise a pool comp with trophies etc all comp entry fees goes to either prize money or charity of our choosing. Only condition is that we must buy a couple of drinks. Im sure there is at least 2 drinkers here!

    Day-FRIDAY 7/8/09 + 14/8/09
    Time- 5pm-7pm
    Address- 64 Reserve Drv Mandurah

    Hope to see you there!
    Why me? I was being overtaken when you had the radar on me!!!

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    Meant to be going to murphys friday night with a mate from work.....we'll see