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  • Targa West 2009

    G'day All,

    My little Escort has come out of retirement to contest the 2009 Targa West, Although it will be difficult to repeat our performance from 2007 we aim to have a shitload of fun and pass as many V8's & WRX’s as we can in the process. The event starts Thursday this week and runs till Sunday evening.

    If your interested in having a look or incorporation spectationg with a ride, here is the spectator guide

    Spectator Information

    Hopefully the rain continues throughout the week and weekend as it is an advantage to the smaller cars.

    If you do come out to have a look feel free to say gday during service breaks.


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    Nice work mate, good luck with it all


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      nice work cute little mark one you got there too.
      Hot air balloons, the gentleman's escape vehicle.


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        Awesome! Have fun!

        Would've loved to have gotten to the Targa Rally to take some photo's but have Trakdayz at Barbs on saturday and MCRC Race Day on sunday.........hmm......maybe I'll skip the race day.....


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          looks good to see the little cars in action


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            Fk yeah!

            That little ford of yours rocks, i love the escorts.


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              Thanks guys, its all built at home, every last bit incl engine and g/box. I'll post up some incar and photos after the rally.


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                I shall see you in Kalamunda on friday i suppose

                my work is on Haynes st and we just got a letter telling us that Targa was on its way, and the road is going to be shut..
                comic sans is OKAY!


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                  Escorts FTW!
                  Please, call me Flash...


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                    what motor you got in it?
                    Hot air balloons, the gentleman's escape vehicle.


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                      Its a 2L SOHC Pinto, heavily modifid of cause, produces about 200HP @ the crank. All forged internals, Twin 48mm Webbers revs to 7500RPM. Its quite quick with the close ratio box and 4.44 diff (quaife lsd).

                      I got a couple of hot MK1's and just in the late stages of a MK2 gravel rally car


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                        Hope it all goes well. I will be spectating on Sunday at Toodyay and only go to see the older cars such as yours. WRX etc are boring to watch compared to the older ones.

                        We are lucky to have a property on Sandplain Rd near the event.


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                          Nice work Mik! I hope you nail as many WRX's as you can! Looking forward to hearing how you go
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                            Well, its all happening here, loud music, the cars are rolling it, my bosses son and his film crew are here, I shall be getting some snaps later today.. its sunny, its electric.. come to Kalamunda and spend money!!

                            do it!

                            If anyone does ride up, and they want some photos taken of their bike, i might be able to take a couple
                            comic sans is OKAY!


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                              Go try and smash all those Porsche, EVO and Skylines
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