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Dwellingup run Version 2.0 Monday 31st August - this time with few cutbacks

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  • Dwellingup run Version 2.0 Monday 31st August - this time with few cutbacks

    Howdy all. ++Date : Monday 31st August++

    Our group is looking for some unique individuals, qualifications needed as follows:

    This position with have mulitple twisties, spiritied sections and lots of bug in teeth fun. As such only highly competent 250 riders need apply, or those on R-E needing shadows that have good knowledge of riding.

    A good understanding of road position combined with an awareness of throttle position would make a suitable applicant, however 600cc's and above would be forwarded to the next level.

    The successful applicant will start from BP Bentley with the clock-on time being 9Am arrival, with a 9:30 departure:

    Map of Bentley, WA |

    Petrol point number 1.

    or if the applicant prefers, a 10:30 meeting point at the Caltex in Byford :

    Map of Byford, WA |

    Either way it shouyld be a good outing - dependant on 1 thing. In inclement weather, i.e. rain, the ride will very likely be cancelled, although I will rock up at the BP point just in case any diehards turn up.

    Apply below:
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    what is this for?????
    “A man also or woman that hath a familiar spirit, or that is a wizard, shall surely be put to death: they shall stone them with stones: their blood shall be upon them.”


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      User contains traces of nuts.


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        ^ You beat me to it.


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          Ouch. Thanks for the feedback.

          This is for the enjoyment of the ride. OP updated.


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            Fark, dont fly in till late Monday night.
            Have a good ride!
            Next time.....
            User contains traces of nuts.


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              Unlucky Pato - I flew in tonight

              It was going to be Tuesday - but the weather says chance of a shower on Monday compaired with showers on Tuesday - I would prefer a chance of any day.

              If your still keen for Tuesday, let me know, I wouldnt mind a cruise out there again


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                Well i still have monday free at this stage so i'll go a mirkz, but hope to rock up!


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                  I could probably come along...maybeee
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                    Ah be good if you two lads could come along - its always a good ride out there.

                    A mate of mine on his 'Busa wants to lead in and out of Dwellingup - so after we get to the turn off to Dell Park Road he will take the lead, although if he's taking is time, then im going past him, your free to do the same.

                    It looks like there will be two groups at the start of Dell park road - one for real bikes, the other for Hardly Dangerous type bikes.

                    The plan then is lunch in Waroona - good pub there by all accounts

                    We'll then discuss the route home at Waroona, I find the great southern boring as batshit so we'll mix it up a bit.


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                      Will mention it to Andy, but he's working at getting the Cruiser ready to piss off, so not sure, but he migth like to get a ride in before he takes off


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                        I would be more keen for a Tuesday run Harro if you are going to do one too
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                          Be careful of rear facing camera on del park rd as it basically lives there these days and there will be no sign to advise you went through it.
                          Working so i'm out.
                          ride safe.
                          Quindanning pub is also nice.


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                            Hey Harro ill be in for sure, Tafe can wait!


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                              Damn... your name is nearly an anagram of "lee sucks cock"..