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Tues 1st Sept ... Don't miss out ...

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  • 250 Friendly Tues 1st Sept ... Don't miss out ...

    on your chance to help during the MAD season!

    Come along with us on a practice run of the MAD ride route

    and ...

    volunteer for a job over the MAD weekend!

    Plenty of positions still available, with great benefits!

    Well, I'm doing the practice ride tomorrow night for anyone who hasn't done it yet.

    Meet us in the Shenton Park Hospital carpark on Selby St at 6ish.
    We'll be taking off about 6.30pm.

    This ride is going to be ridden as it will be on the day, so not a spirited ride.

    Spuddy, I believe you have yet to get your arse onto this ride, so I'll see you there, eh?


    p.s. Any special people who live out this way, we're meeting up at the Caltex cnr GEHwy and Epsom Ave, Belmont.

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      already done the run but should be there again for this


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        Also Mirzk... If I'm not too spent after uni .


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          Yeah, should really try & fit another run In, If I'm back from Kal In time.
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          I'm not an alcoholic, alcoholics go to meetings,
          I'm a drunk, I go to parties.


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            do you mean me or my cuz goddess karen

            ive imprinted the ride in my head from sunday and probably wont get to another praccy run in till the big day

            massive kudo's to you !

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              No, sorry, the hairy Spuddy.
              Sorry for the confusion.
              I expect you to have it down pat since you are 'special'.


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                Mirkz for now darlin; will probably do a private run after uni tomorrow.
                FEADCinc, PSB?


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                  comic sans is OKAY!


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                    should be in
                    Originally posted by Rocket
                    Hahah yeah, cos if there's one thing that scares the shit out of people, it's a bunch of 60kg computer geeks on GPX250's wobbling into a carpark.


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                        clever title chicky babe...."how to attract attention" class 101
                        see you there...caltex that is
                        Life's short, stay close to the things that make you happy!!


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                          Starting to feel super sick but am yet to get my ass out on a marshall ride and I really should know where to go if I'm gonna help lead some people so I'm gonna mirkz this one, but I will try REALLY hard to be better for it.

                          EDIT: CBF reading the responses so far but what time is the meet @ Caltex Karen?


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                            Oh um Hai! My name is Rizzo and was just wondering what the benifit's were?

                            Oh and you said it's not spirited, but if i have had some spirits can i still come?


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                              hehe BEG
                              Thanks hunny
                              See you there!

                              Jo, it's certainly not taxing to the physical, except after a spirited ride ... trying to slow the pace was hard the other day.

                              Rizzo, benefits ... I suggest you ask Flamedance about those. I think he's got a few for the likes of you. A hi vis vest could be one of them.