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- Newbie, Annual Pizza ride, 11th October 2009

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  • Learner - Newbie, Annual Pizza ride, 11th October 2009

    yep it's on again for the 4th year

    Ride through the hills and stop at Little Caesars for lunch

    Meal deal (Pizza and drink) as usual, or pair up for a family size pizza and pay for an extra drink, don't forget the absolutaley fabulous Desert Pizza's (heh girls and boys ) $ cost will be added here when I finalise with Theo.

    Here's the menu

    Prices should be about the same as last year, will confirm with Theo on Friday night.

    Pizza Deal is as follows

    1 Small size with Drink = $14
    1 Large size with Drink = $16
    1 Family size with 2 Drinks = $18

    Put your PSB Nick in the Narration and PM me that you have paid via DD so I can mark you as paid on the order

    Start sending me your orders and catch up with me on a ride to pay your money

    Pizza's need to be pre-ordered, if you don't turn up then your pizza will be consumed by the hungry seagulls.

    BTW Communal Pizza rules do NOT apply for this, you will be given your Pizza and it's up to you, what you do with it

    Meet Peak Truck Stop, Kewdale

    Meet from 10.15am, leave 10.45am

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    holy crap, pizza ride?? may be dragged in for this


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      well dad depends how fast we can get back from coral bay leaving on the sat night........ Ill drive we wil be back in no time


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          I'm innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn


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            So in for pizza


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              Mmm, Pizza.
              In - Got my R-E test booked for the previous monday so with any luck I won't need a shadow!

              Edit: Out :/ next few weekends I won't be in the city.
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                Argh, charity ride on same day , sorry :/


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                  damn ill be away for this
                  and i would be able to come cos my shoulder would be healed by then
                  There is no more time, even for cake. For you, the cake is over. You have reached the end of cake.


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                    mmmm pizza. im having birthday drinks the night before so...will see how i pull up.


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                      Yeah, I'll come along to this one.

                      Football season will be well and truly over.
                      Originally posted by Ferris
                      I love how PSB has turned into "Dear Martha"

                      Figure shit out yourselves, retards.


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                          Should be in.
                          Originally posted by Semi
                          I ride slowly because I'm a massive faggot.


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                            Insert witty comment here


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                              I'll be in Qld then
                              I also miss out on my 20 yr school reunion that day....... maybe I need to stay in Perth afterall !
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