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Bring out your Gnomes - 2009

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  • Bring out your Gnomes - 2009

    Just letting you know the annual Gnome run and BBQ is coming up.

    The date is the 6th of December, cost of BBQ will be set at $10 each, this will include steak/sausages, salad, bread/buns, and a drink or two.

    Go here and here
    for a looksee at last years event

    Ride details posted up closer to the date, as there are 2 rides before then.

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    in first


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      If I am here IN


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        Oh Yar!
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            pffft you girls don't look like gnomes!!
            Commander Keen and Shady 7/8 are doing the Kiwi Shitbox rally 2016 as the Dropkick Dropbears- donate here to help us change cancer!

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              I have every intention of making this event, asuming i can make this event..
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              yes, i am a prick
              no, i don't care
              you make me sick


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                Yay - time to see if last year's PSB gnomads settled in and survived the year without us - plus to bring more friends for them
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                  ill be in if im physically able to ride n have a new bike by then
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                    oooo in +1

                    where can i buy a gnome?! we've been looking in all the garden shops!


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                      Yep will be in for this one, heard my Rossi gnome was taken on a little holiday some whereClick image for larger version

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                        Serious? Its already been a year? In

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                          Yeah I think I'll come for this!
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                            i think we need a prize for the best gnome or something

                            mine from last year

                            i need to surpass myself this year

                            oh and if anyone wants to make something other then a gnome to go in the PSB Village feel free



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                              Originally posted by Cip View Post
                              oooo in +1

                              where can i buy a gnome?! we've been looking in all the garden shops!
                              There is a garden statue place in Mandurah down Lakes road, the continuation of Gordon RD (the road between Mandurah and North Dandalup). If you go down the new part of the Kwinina freeway when it opens on the 20th you turn right of that (heading toward Mandurah) and the place will be on your right. 5 acre property I would say and the front yard is full of all different sorts of garden statues.
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