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  • 250 Friendly EOI. An Overnight Explorer.

    I’m giving plenty of warning for this so there’s no excuse for missing out.

    I’m proposing an overnighter at Donnelly River sometime in late November or early December before the school holidays. The ride is aimed directly at the 250 riders and noobs that have yet to experience a long road trip. As such, this ride may not appeal to the more experienced riders looking to experience life on the edge but all are welcome. Think of this as more of a social event. A support vehicle will be accompanying the main group.

    I will be leading this ride on something other than the scooter but the main group speed will be strictly at the posted limit.

    The idea was to leave Perth at 0900hrs and travel directly to Donnelly River stopping for fuel at Mandurah, fuel and lunch at Bunbury, and pick up forgotten supplies in Bridgetown. We should arrive at our destination in the early afternoon allowing a few hours to explore one particularly interesting road or grab a coffee at one of the local tourist traps.

    Dinner would be a group BBQ with meat packs and whatever else we can organize.

    The trip back can be done at your leisure and you can go whichever way you choose. The support vehicle will be following the main group back to the start point.

    Costs? A number of options are available and I suggest you check the accommodation and prices here. We will have to research the cost of food for the BBQ and all ‘cool’ drinks will have to be BYO. The support vehicle should be able to take any sleeping bags etc in the trailer.

    I will be booking a four-sleeper for the support team and myself. You may wish to organize yourselves into groups of like-minded people you don’t mind listening to all night. Just be warned that there was a double and two singles in the four-sleeper we used last time.

    It would be nice to get this sorted early to ensure we don’t miss out as the better weather arrives.

    Comments anyone?
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    Sounds wicked.

    Although i might not have a bike then...if i don't i'll nominate myself as a support car if need be..
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      "Heaven doesn't want me, and hell is afraid I'll take over"


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        Sounds good.

        Shall confirm closer to the date as might be overseas at the time.


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          Something to think about for sure.Nice way to relax after semester exams.


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            a definate.. maybe..


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              def sounds good, all depends on the date


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                btw Donnelly River and surrounds has some v nice offroad areas. The national park between there and Lake Jasper has some of my fave places for 4wd.. CALM hardly ever there either...
                Someone should consider taking their dirtbikes if your into that.. perhaps not novice friendly in some areas tho... If anyone's keen in this regard, happy to provide vehicle and take a trailer of bikes down. Any excuse will do


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                  Sounds good; I should be reasonably free around that time of year.

                  I don't know many people from here so if anyone else is in a similar situation I'm happy to share costs for a cottage.


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                    Trying to think about it, later in November might be good. First couple of weeks there's usually a little rain/hail. Then again, the seasons are more than a little weird lately...


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                      Sounds good... just after uni exams and all .


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                        Sounds interesting, depending on dates, i am interested


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                          Oh sounds very good. Now to convince Hugo.
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                            Would definitely be keen and if you wanted to go down in 2 groups also (say 250's and not so 250's ride) I will lead the 2nd group if you like!

                            Yags if you dont have a bike by then you can take my Benelli and I will warm up your ear drums on the Morini

                            Edit: Only home every 2nd weekend if want to go this way
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                              definitely dependant on when but the idea sounds good
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