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LuLu's Birthday Yum Cha!! Ohh yeah bitch you know you wanna...

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  • LuLu's Birthday Yum Cha!! Ohh yeah bitch you know you wanna...

    Next Wednesday (30th Sept) I'll be celebrating my 24th birthday and what better way to do it than with YUM CHA!!?

    Where? Joy Garden

    When? 30th September at 12:30pm

    Seeing as I cannot book tables, numbers are somewhat limited so first in best dressed and all that

    Look forward to seeing you all, love you long time
    In the cherry blossom's shade
    There's no such thing
    as a stranger.

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    Wednesday during the day?
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      I'll be there.
      Originally posted by Ferris
      I love how PSB has turned into "Dear Martha"

      Figure shit out yourselves, retards.


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        Riding - Living the dream...


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          What Barfy said!
          Originally posted by Melkor
          The Saint is all over the answer like a Saint on a cupcake.


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            I'm on holiday next week
            No plans so I mirkz be there

            It's better to be thought stupid than open your mouth and remove all doubt

            Pure speed in sixth gear on a 5,000 foot straightaway is one thing, but pure speed in third gear on a gravel-strewn, downhill, ess turn is quite another.
            Hunter S. Thompson


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              Originally posted by barfridge View Post
              Wednesday during the day?
              I duz not know if I can attend!
              I love two strokes. Because they annoy the shit out of people. ^_^


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                Enjoy your day Lulu may it be a great one.

                Unable to attend sorry.


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                  Yeh maybe.
                  Originally posted by Semi
                  I ride slowly because I'm a massive faggot.


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                    Awww lu, I can't make that time Happy birthday

                    "Always out-numbered, never out-gunned"


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                      i don't mind going again as i enjoy the ride.. but being the only one on a bike meeting up with people from a bike forum... errr.... felt so odd one out would like to go meet more PSBers and try that joy garden place (was fully booked last time) but would only go if more people on bikes turned up ?


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                        ^^^ I'm pretty sure some people will be rocking up on bikes

                        Also, for those that can't make it, I'm really sorry that I've had to do it mid week but I've taken my birthday off as a day of leave and seeing as I can't reallllly change my birthday... you know... but for those that can make it... rock n roll!! W00T!
                        In the cherry blossom's shade
                        There's no such thing
                        as a stranger.


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                          If I can I will.

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                            Wish I could make it hun but not home till the 5th of oct. Will definatly catch up that week but xoxoxox
                            10.81 BLADE

                            I'm a flirtalicious


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                              oh oh oh.....i love night shift....i may be there honey!!!