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Ride Sunday 28th of Sept - Mundaring Pub for lunch

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  • Ride Sunday 28th of Sept - Mundaring Pub for lunch

    After thinking about where and what to do on Sunday, how does this sound. Meet at Scarbs about 11am for an 11:30am departure on route to the Kalamunda pub for lunch then do the Mundaring weir run??

    Any one got any objections? It'll be a cruise, bring along pillions, looks like I'll have a back pack as well.

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    I should actually be able to make it...
    Get my bike from the mech on Saturday!
    Aim high and consider yourself worthy of great things


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      Sounds good mate! I'll have the camera for the weekend..


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        After the ride, plans are to either hit the Windsor or Como hotel. Any takers?


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          I might be coming along
          If i fix my indicator switchbox by then


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            Yeah I'll be up for that. I must say I dislike country roads but if we're taking it easy, with pillions, cameras and backpacks etc it'll be cool. To be honest, those country roads scare me a bit with all that loose gravel and honky nuts etc.

            It'll prolly be my last cruise for a while so I'd better take it easy.. according to Murphy's Law it'll be the last run that something happens (not trying to condemn anybody by the power of jinx)

            I get my license back soon woohoooooooo!
            mmmmm sacrilicious


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              Man, you gonna jinx us dude!!!! :shock:


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                gonna try and make it. going to a 4x4 competition up past geralton on the sat maybe staying the night. love the country roads loose gravel and honky nuts included.

                why a last cruise.


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                  last two times ive been along mundaring weir road there was a cop sitting on the side of the raod near the 'del'. lucky i had my g/f on the back and was actually doing the speed limit when i came round the corner. Didnt stop him follwing me for 5k's tho.

                  Also since weve had a fair bit if rain, id be taking it easy cos you get a shitload of gravel washed onto the road in places......

                  might see u on sunday



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                    Pete; off to melb for the moto GP buddy!


                    meanwhile - [bored as!]
                    mmmmm sacrilicious


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                      nice work mas

                      yeh might come campo if we ake it easy

                      double points and all :? :shock: :shock:

                      chat soon
                      Nick :twisted:


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                        i'll be there, sounds like a good ride


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                          I'll try to be there
                          That road that snakes around the dam, if that is the one, has a lot of loose shit round the corners, so umm yeah


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                            Could be a change of plans due to the weather, keep an eye on the LOOP. My guess is that we'll just meet in Scarbs around 12pm or so like usual and see what happens from there. Mundaring run after the rain is sheeeiat so might just do some local thangs.


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                              yeah funny bout those mundairing runs in the rain......

                              I'm the noob you all pwn!