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  • $500 rally

    Sorry to be bringing the topic of cars onto PSB, i was just asking around and seeing who would be interested in the idea of a $500 rally.

    The basic idea is, you buy a car for no more then $500 and you are not aloud to make any modafications apart from crash cages and basic tuning.

    Me and some mates got the idea after buying a 85 nissan pulsar for $300 to bang around nangara with, and we started thinking why isent there anything in WA where anyone can participate in racing, it costs a crap load to get into racing motorbikes/cars or otherwise, why not just buy a cheap car, take it to a set track somewhere out of the way and have some fun, there are tons of $500 cars laying around the wreakers, we even found a r31 skyline, it had another car parked ontop of it, but it still ran.

    I just wanted to see how many ppl would be interested in something like this
    good idea
    would never work

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    autokhana clubs allow entries like this.
    The Twitter


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      yeah as above, you could only run it in autokhana or kanacross type events, there is a reason it costs lots to get into propper rallying as hitting a tree at 150kph in a car not prepped for it is not a lot of fun (and cams/aasa will not insure such events!)

      join a club and get into autokhanas!


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        ok kool, dident know that lol


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          there's always the demo derby at the Ellenbrook speedway (now located in Bindoon)
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            sounds like a fun idea, i think they have something like it in europe, saw it on top gear, and underage drivers can get in on it!

            *ot. should this be in another section?


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              We run a private event like this down at my mates farm in lake grace, 2 race tracks all graded out and sign posted.

              Current rally cars include 1x honda civic (free), 1x FB RX7 ($50), 2x excels (free) 1x 200b datto (free)

              We head down every now and again for long weekends with batteries and fuel to go thrash around

              [ame=]YouTube - excel jumping[/ame]
              RAM MOTOSPORT ZX10 RR#191


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                haha! thats awesome! where does one get free working cars from?


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                  They already have an event like this racing Dunnydores on a Gravel Track somewhere.
                  You put the c*nt in country run


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                    Sounds like the Indy 500 over in NZ, except this is all offroad stuff.
                    I would definately be interested in attending
                    Originally posted by Desmo
                    Why be a cunt about it?