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  • Bobber

    Hi guys, we just got ADR approval for our new Bobber, I should have some in WA by mid may. One of our dealers already has an order for a celebrity build for Pauly Fenech. This is a pic of the first render. What do ya think?



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    I think it looks ok.It could maybe do with some of that spaghetti tidied up
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      Do you make them for men?


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        I like the 2nd one, is that the 350cc?
        National pride should not be a crime!.


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          The one in the second pic looks great man.

          Originally posted by Lit View Post
          Do you make them for men?
          Na dude, its like those tards you ride. One size fits all.


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            Yeah, they're 350's. We are looking at doing 250's for WA. ........and Lit, I forgive you for you know not what you say haha. Happy Easter.


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              I wouldn't worry about doing 250s for WA. Word of mouth is we are getting LAMS in 2012.


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                find all those whom buy one on there 250 license yanking the motors out after they on there R Class and put in Old larger motor for peanuts.

                Looks good.
                Peace out


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                  Congrats on getting the ADR approval Ben, that's a big effort, so well done!!

                  Personally I think the bike would work better as package with spoked wheels, but the wheels they come with kind of have that spoked style. The seat is a bit out there, but that's a real easy thing for an owner to change themselves.

                  I'm just so stoked to see a rigid framed bike for sale to the masses as a new bike through dealerships in Australia, that's a good thing!!


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                    Hi El Skitzo, long time no see, I saw your old Triumph heading down Mandurah rd the other day. Is the Evo in your profile pic your new ride? I wish I could get the official word on when WA gets Lams laws, so far the only response I can get is that its proposed for 2013. Its pretty expensive to put the 250 into production for WA only, but if we have to wait two years then I think its worth it. Bigmandazz, I have no doubt that sooner or later someone will wack a bigger donk in the Bobber. I think a triumph twin would look great. Its surprising how much stick the 350 efi has got though. It feels like the same grunt as an old 500 but with real smooth power delivery.
                    I'll let you all know as soon as I get some over here, we can all take it for a spin.


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                      Originally posted by Ben Hunter View Post
                      Hi El Skitzo, long time no see, I saw your old Triumph heading down Mandurah rd the other day. Is the Evo in your profile pic your new ride?
                      Yes and yes, the new owner of the Triumph lives in Mandurah and the profile pic is my new piece of junk which should be ready for it's first cruise next weekend.

                      I bet the 350cc would definitely out pace bigger older twins like most 650 Triumphs etc, so it would definitely be a run ride! I'm looking forward to seeing them