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    The beemer is a bit heavy for me,(my age)superb on the move,but had to ask for help to move it twice while stopped,so as I ride a lot of K's, mostly on my own,decided to get something lighter,but still capable of going most places.Have bought a 2011 V-strom from Melbourne,flying over wednesday and riding back.Hope its as enjoyable as the ride bringing the shadow back from Gympie 2 yrs ago. I was a bit dubious about the seat height,but sat on one at the show and fit Ok.Would have liked to do a couple of things to it first,but will have to take it 'as is'.Low Kms,so should be alright.I've ridden my son's 2012 model,and they go well.

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    Enjoy the ride back. Take your breaks as you need them. I'm keen to head off eastwards soon. No plan other than a couple of days in Adel to do a looksee and then head for Victoria....the rest is unknown. It is simply time to ride.
    Justine.... Always and Forever


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      ' It is simply time to ride'

      Exactly! If you haven't done them before,try the torrens gorge roads,works in well with the Australian motor museum,I will probably give the GOR a miss this time
      Too slow and too much traffic,and cut straight to Port Fairy,good YHA there,visit rellies in Adelaide,then get the ferry to lucky bay,it was closed last time,sadly the yha at venus bay is closed, although its still listed. I'm not too sure about going back to the "chain gang"after 5 yrs on shaft tho'


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        .... Sorry this turned up in the wrong thread
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