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moto Guzzi 1400 california custom

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  • moto Guzzi 1400 california custom

    anyone ridden one, I'm trying to get down to causeway to ride there demo and I'm pretty keen on them.

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    Nice looking bike and they get rave reviews. I wonder about having those cyl heads between your knees in summer?
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      Yep!! Wanted one as soon as I saw them. Rode one, thoroughly enjoyed it, went very well for a big cruiser......but at the end of the day....decided I still wasn't ready for a cruiser.
      Head off to see Mario @ Thurnderbikes in Bassendean if your keen on one. Great service & awesome knowledge of the Guzzi brand.


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        Mario has a demo. I know several that have ridden it. They liked it for a fat pig cruiser.
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          He sold the demo last week, unless he's managed to get another one in very recently.
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