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Indian unveils Big Chief Custom

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  • Indian unveils Big Chief Custom

    At the International Motorcycle show in New York City, Indian Motorcycles has unveiled this factory one off custom to show what can be done with an Indian Chief using some of the new range of parts, and some serious customizing.

    The big impressive piece to me is that custom aluminium girder front end to take the 23" front wheel. Unfortunately they haven't showcased anything to fix the ugly plastic side covers but hopefully someone is working on that...

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    I'm not much of a fan of the enclosed front fender but the contrasting paint livens it up a bit. The 23 inch wheel is an improvement also(IMO)
    Mebbe its the wheel ,but those front discs look a little puny to me.
    I can see some harley hard heads jumping ship if they start selling models like this in the shop.

    I would like to see the girl ride the bike with those clod hoppers on LOL
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