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Bobber? Chopper? Board Track? Dunno.....its mine

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    Yep it is a Ural 650......but was sold as a Cossack in England I think? Anyway same thing.
    This is what it was like 2 years ago.........Pretty huh? Pretty urgly. But it ran ok.

    I've actually done more on it than what in the pictures there, but not much you can see, I'll take one on the weekend.
    Re: rego......its registered.


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      Ugly? its million times better looking than a busa, despite how unreliable it is. Look forward to seeing this progress. good luck!


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        So long as the carburation is right the electronic ignition should improve starting, economy and reliability.
        You may meed to rethink the total loss electrics though as most electronic ignition's need to maintain a minimum charge rate to work properly. Some of the older Boyer Brandson units for old Triumphs and Nortons etc caused problems if the charging wasn't right.
        I bought a new Pazon ignition for my Tbird (still to be fitted) but it will run fine down to 8 volts charge, which is good if you altinator fries half way home. Keep the updates coming.