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  • double post let it pass

    Ok so its a chopper mower i bought an xs250 to bob for a hung but the clutch was gone, at the same time the steering on my john deere rx75 ride on mower was going and so the idea for a chopper mower using the bikes steering was born. After some drinking and googling i found this was hardly an original idea chopper mowers being high fashion for u.s. rednecks. We live in byford and i recently purchased my first black jeans so thats cool with me, spoke to my neighbour/budwha and after his initial confusion and anger he agreed to do the welding and to help with the drinking.
    I stripped the xs down to just the frame and steering and took the seat steering and front off the mower. I cut the subframe down to a correct ride height whislt darryl really got into the carton due to the fact i was angle grinding i had changed to bourbon. The welding was done and after alot of mucking with fuel feed she started and drove away at a comfy 3ks per hour. Next the cosmetics
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    Ask not what your country can for do you,
    But what is your country going to do to you next?