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  • CB250N - Yes another CB

    Please be Patient - My first build, with little to no experience and a challenging aka hunka**** bike to begin with. And trying to balance build with work and the family it isn't going to be a quick one. Limited funds to - alot going against me but hopefully I will get over the line. I'm determined

    Few pics to get the thread started.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

Name:	06.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    How do you make the pictures bigger? :>

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    good to see another cb goin around

    stick with it

    what are you plans for it? full rebuild? cafe? bobber/brat/flattrack?

    sign up for a photobucket or flickr account.

    you can host your images there and link them into here for bigger pics.


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      Thanks for that vbroom.

      I'm thinking of brat style, but minimalised with a flat olive / tan / army green for the paint.

      What I'm really struggling with at the moment is I'm not sure if my Ideas are going to be legal when it comes to registration.

      Any hints as to where I would get info for that?



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        the most trouble free idea would be to rego it as it is.

        fix up whatever needs fixing to make it road legal...even if it looks like shit they won't care, as long as its all road legal. then get it through pits and get your rego.

        then once youve got that, go nuts! hack, bob and strip

        it won't gaurantee you wont get a yellow sticker later on, but it'll definately save you the hassle of trying to rego it with wild modifications.

        if you want to do it the hard way, give the people at the pits a call...they will be able to direct you to someone who will know where to find info on what legal and whats not.

        main thing is probably getting a fender on there that complies.


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          vbroom, it wont run as it is - The previous owner must of lost the keys and has pulled all the electrics out from head to toe just about. I have pulled the whole bike apart to start cleaning it, and got the engine running while it was out of the frame.

          And I dont really want to grind the frame, I think I will be able to get away with alot of what I want to do with the original frame as it is.

          As you can see from my Profesional paint edit this build will be done with extreme precision and attention to detail.

          Just toyin with Ideas - - bored at work


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            yeah looks like the main worry you'll have to deal with is a compliant fender.
            possibly noise issues as well if you're modifying the exhaust with a straight through. (looks like it from your awesome picture. haha )


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              The fender dosn't look very hard - why do you keep saying it will be hard to get a compliant one?

              The exhaust probably wont end up being straight through because it would sound like a lawnmower :>

              I found all the info I need in regards to registration online, if anyone is intrested:




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                MOAR CLEANZ


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                  not hard per-say

                  just that if you want a cool looking back end, generally that doesnt include a fender.

                  what youve mocked up shows the seat stopping at 12oclock. to satisfy the stupid 45degree rule you'll need a guard poking all the way out past the seat.

                  personally and i'm sure most here agree, this will looking ugly as.

                  but different folks different strokes.


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                    to get around the 45 digree rule for the rear end you can do what ducati and BMW have done
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	Ducati-Diavel-by-Rizoma-rear-view1.jpg
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ID:	4881961Click image for larger version

Name:	2009-BMW-R1200GS.jpg
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                    In a Land Rover your car is the crumple zone.


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                      Gotcha, for some reason I was thinking of the front fender, but all makes sense now.

                      It is somthing that I havn't thought about at all yet so thanks for bringing it up, will start looking a bit closer at it now.

                      I like the Diavels fender emrys74 but like what vbroom said it will look fugly on a CB.

                      Maybe I should take a page from Victory's book;



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                        What if I was to use somthing like this:

                        hanging off the back like this:
                        the grey bit is the seat extended

                        Thoughts ? ؟


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                          Hi Vosy, LED Tail light looks good but you might have trouble with the indicators beind built in to it, I think the rule is 300mm spacing between indicators. If the tail light is Emarked on the sellers web page then it is possible ok. Emarked basicly means that it is ARD complient but that doesn't meen that the inspectors will approve it???
                          If your looking for some LED indicators there are plenty to choose from. I am using the Hammer LED indicators from S3 Performance | Ph 1300 937 935, only 1" across at the lense and just over 2" total length, alloy body and nice chrome. A bit procey maybe bit a great look IMHO.


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                            DIRECTION INDICATOR LAMP
                            (1) Front indicators at least 240mm between illuminating surfaces?
                            (2) Front indicators outside vertical planes tangential to outside of
                            Y N NA
                            Y N NA
                            (3) Distance between the illuminating surface of the indicator and passing
                            beam headlamp at least 75mm? If NO
                            Note distance between illuminating surfaces………….mm
                            Y N NA

                            A. Illuminating surfaces of rear indicators at least 180mm apart? Y N NA
                            A. Rear indicators within 300 mm of rear end of vehicle? Y N NA
                            Independent switch? Y N NA
                            Lamps on one side operated by one control? Y N NA
                            Operating Green or Yellow Tell-tale fitted? If no
                            Is an audible operating tell-tale fitted?
                            Y N NA
                            Y N NA
                            If any direction indicator lamp is defective, does tell-tale extinguish, remain
                            alight without flashing, or shows marked change in frequency? Please circle. Y N NA
                            A. Flash rate 60 –120 times per minute? Y N NA
                            A. Flash in phase on same side? Y N NA
                            A. Light up within 1 sec, and extinguishes within 1.5 sec? Y N NA
                            A. In the event of a failure, other than a short circuit, the other direction indicator
                            on the same side continues to flash or remain alight? Y N NA

                            DIRECTION INDICATOR LAMPS
                            FOR LB1
                            (1) Front indicators at least 300mm apart?
                            Y N NA
                            (2) Front indicators further apart than the outside surfaces of the
                            headlamps? Y N NA
                            (3) Front indicator lamps at least 100mm from the headlamps? Y N NA
                            (4) Rear indicators not more than 400mm from the extreme outer edge of
                            the vehicle? Y N NA
                            FOR LB2
                            (1) Front indicators not more than 400mm from the extreme outer edge of
                            the vehicle?

                            (2) Rear indicators the distance between the two illuminating surfaces at
                            least 240mm apart?

                            (3) Rear indicators within 300mm of the rear of the vehicle?
                            Y N NA
                            Y N NA
                            Y N NA
                   Front indicators within 1,800mm of the front surface of the vehicle?
                            (2,500mm if necessary to comply with visibility requirements). Y N NA

                            And with a little reseach I got...

                            THREE WHEELED L-GROUP VEHICLES ( LB )
                            LB1  one wheel at front, 2 at rear (Moped).
                            LB2  2 wheels at front, one at rear (Moped).

                            That is from the Australian Government Dept of Infrastructure and Transport Website, From there Vehicle Standards Bulletin.

                            Only question is when they say "Surface" do they mean the actual Lense? And from which point do they measure?

                            But this wasnt even about indicators, this was about fenders :>


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                              Guess what