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Ducati 1098S Track Bike..

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  • Ducati 1098S Track Bike..

    Well I finally started work on building a track bike.. It took a while to find a suitable candidate - but I finally found one..

    This little gem was sourced from Pickle Auctions (Melbourne) and cost me $5500 delivered to Perth.. - Damage looked worse than it actually turned out to be..

    Finally had the bike home and started work...- Stripped off some of the plastics and re clamped the forks...

    Now it is time to start pulling it apart!!!
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    Jeez.. You could part it out and double your money at that price! Good luck with the build mate


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      holy shit! what caused the damaged to the triples like that? tank doesnt look stoved in, and rim is straight, so not sure where the force was applied :/

      hope it all goes together well, and straight.
      The greatest excitement comes from besting who you were yesterday.


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        Well on with the build...

        Not sure on the yokes...It appears some bright spark undid the pinch bolts and the whole bike dropped down the forks... All is good - Forks and frame are straight and only a small dent in front rim (only damage not anticipated).. I think the dropped yokes put a lot of people off..

        The Ohlins damper was still attached to the top yoke, but unbolted from frame - you could just make this out in the crap auction images...


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          ah! so the tripples werent even busted. still intact. if so, thats a FARKING BARGAIN buy!!!!!

          a few goodies on it too hey
          The greatest excitement comes from besting who you were yesterday.


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            Fairings off... Time to pull all of the crap off from the front..

            Crap off from the front..

            Found this little item under the RHS fairing panel..

            Turns out it is a similar unit to a Bazzaz or Power commander (though much better than the latter).. This has a lot of features that can be incorporated using the bikes OEM sensors and outputs from the ECU..(I am led to beleive).. These include - traction control, pit lane limiter, quick shifter, data logging, 3d fuel amp and lots more - Looking forward to letting Justin have a play with this..

            Time to pull off the exhaust.... - this was a bargain...

            Turned out to be a full 70mm inconel race system made by a company called HPE - I tracked down the company that sold this unit (bellissimoto decal on the side of the fairing) - This exhaust retailed for $5500 (who the hell would pay that kind of money for a exhaust system)????

            Off comes the tank..

            No moved inside the shed (be warned it is no operating theatre)...

            Out comes the wiring loom - Oh I think this is going to be a ba$%*%d to put back in... May have to improvise a little..

            Loom out..

            Next to go was the subframe, airbox and throttle bodies..


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              How to get the engine out of the frame... Oh. There it goes.. Gravity assisted..

              Only at this point did I actually notice the EVR Slipper clutch.. score...

              Now I have my bits...

              Frame, swinging arm and engine (and boxes of other bits)..

              So my final list of additional goodies were..

              HPE exhaust system
              EVR slipper clutch - plates are getting towards the end of their life..
              EVR Clutch slave cylinder
              FG811 - second generation 1198S ohins forks
              Interceptor fuel module
              DP ECU
              EVR clutch protector

              Frame, forks, swinging arm and sub frame all straight..

              Had not anticipated there being a dent in te front rim (cant have everything) - However alliance rim repairs did a good job at rolling out the damage..

              Now to start changing the colour..

              Sand blasted all parts to be painted and added an etch primer..

              Started to add some colour - went for ducati midnight black (supplied by premier auto paint - Malaga) with a satin clear..

              Frame, wheels, subrame, swinging arm and fork lowers all painted - ready for reassembly...

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                You scored an absolute bargain. Can't wait to see it at the track.


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                  so jealous!!!

                  that is a seriously good find.
                  The greatest excitement comes from besting who you were yesterday.


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                    Thanks.. me too.. Should be a blast..


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                      I see it comes with a WD40 booster as well


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                        Nice nice nice!!!

                        Scored big time!!!

                        Look forward to hearing it running.


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                          Wow thanks so much for taking the time to post up!

                          Love the build so far!!

                 - - -


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                            Time to start rebuilding..

                            Front forks re-installed..

                            Rear suspension fitted and new black Ohlins decal applied..

                            Rear hub assembled and installed..

                            Dry assembly of rear wheel.. (not much good for lapping barbs.. Awesome for riding on a train track..

                            Front wheel dry assembly - fitted with ergal race front spindle..

                            This is where I am roughly today....

                            Plan to take a break and source some nice parts on my visit to the uk over christmas... NEC bike show here i come..


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                              Not going to have the forks serviced/springs to suit your weight?