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    Check this:
    Steve’s Gixxer | the Bike Shed
    Young enough to be a hoon, old enough to know better.


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      Wasnt sure where to post this, but i figured those watching here might enjoy this read until scaramouches next instalment

      1985 24-Hour Motorcycle World Speed Record- Suzuki GSX-R750
      'Tis easier to ask forgiveness, than it is to get permission..


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        I knew the Black and Gold were limited but didnt know to only 1000 in the world,
        I know there was 2 of them sitting up in a shed back home in Ireland, Must get my Brother to go check them out see if there still lying there..
        Will be keeping an eye on this thread...


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          bumping in hope of some updates????


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            None to speak of as yet, waiting for parts to arrive from the UK - Special order stuff - cheers all the same


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              We are getting down the the basics - Bike completely separated, new parts on there way, some stuff on the shelves to keep me interested.

              Some goodies I picked up over the past few weeks. Some are 2nd hand and need re-conditioning, some are new. Either way, its going to be a big job and lots of TLC involved. This will be the 2nd make over for this unit.

              First up, a genuine JMC Swingarm made for the GSXR 1100 86 - 88 models. They are truly hard to come by. Bit of spit and polish and we are there Found this one in North Yorkshire UK at a 'breakers yard'. Will take a 6" rear, just what we needed.

              Factory Yoshimura Carbie covers.

              Yoshimura Flat Slides for the big boys only

              Thats enough for today.............Doing an engine strip down over the next couple of weeks. Back soon


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                Can't wait to to see this one.

                Originally posted by Rich...
                You got me in trouble...


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                  Those carbs are absolute porn. How big?
                  Also like the yoshi covers air tech??


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                    Nice what made you go flat slides over fcr's ?


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                      Swing arm arrived yesterday morning by super courier. Only 6 days to get here. Remarkable considering.

                      Threw it in the chassis to see what it looks like before the massaging and measuring up begins.

                      There is alot of work ahead. Aligning this addition, spacers for the rear wheel, sanding and polishing of both units, new steering head bearings to accommodate the new front end, pivot bearings etc and so on. Lots to do.


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                        Love the JMC.. Gonna be some machine when finished..


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                          What quality work Scara...shame the same can't be said about your choice in cordless drills hey! lol!....ozito!!!!
                          Smoke me a kipper...I'll be home in time for breakfast


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                            Originally posted by BusaSteve View Post
                            What quality work Scara...shame the same can't be said about your choice in cordless drills hey! lol!....ozito!!!!
                            lol - Actually it just gets used as a screwdriver. Im getting slower with the hand tools in my old age - rofl.

                            The frame and swinger should polish up rather nicely. Been rounding up bits and pieces this week, come Sunday, i'm into it with ye old elbow grease.

                            Should take me the better part of the week at nights I suspect. Can't see it too well in the photo's but the JMC had previously been polished, right about now its lost its lack luster is all.

                            Regrettably tomorrow I am working to earn myself some pocket money to spend on the bike for next week, I would have been down to match up some steering head bearings to go into to it matching up the new front end from left over donor parts from the last build.

                            We'll get there, keeps me off the streets atleast.


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                              Got to do some more week the weekend past. Humble beginnings all the same.

                              Made an engine stand for the motor.

                              - - - Updated - - -

                              and some frame work too


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                                You will have no fingers left by the time you finish rubbing all that frame up.. Lovely mirror finish on it tho..