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  • i had a similar thought years ago when someone mentioned deleting the oil cooler and using the lines to feed the turbo on a 1200 bandit? theres a few kicking around but little/no info in the builds.

    maybe they handle the heat ok on the street?

    great build btw scaramouche
    Lost and on reserve


    • So I know some of you that are interested are all keyed up for an update, well here's the March 2015 411

      Over the past months there has been a myriad of issues that came about after the first start up back in August 2014. I have spent the better part of 7 months resolving those issues one by one. The weekend past, got him fired up and suitably tuned enough to say, hes functional, but not 110%. Grandfather was placed on a trailer for this morning and shipped off to the engineers to have some final parts made that I'm not tooled up for. Once completed, its off to my man Neil for fine tuning to get maximum output, and to ensure he's healthy and fit for duty. From here on in, its all downhill with body work, paint then take care of the incidentals which came up like small scratches to the intake pipe etc (where the fuel tank jumped off the frame - lolz) bolt it all together, and we're just about ready for a solo test ride. Guess we'll be seeing him on the road this year, hopeful for a September 20th Debut ride, lets see, lets hope.

      Here's a few pics to moisten the loins peeps - Some people that know there stuff say he's probably good for 280bhp, others have said if I run it on alcohol 380 isn't unreasonable.
      The engine is an exact build of the Yoshimura Tornado with the noted exception of the snail which was the first pre 90's bike to see 300kmh - you be your own judge.

      I would be content with 230bhp, and I'll leave the rest to your imagination till then - I'll just ride it when finished and be happy with that.

      Wiseco Forged 1109 Pistons 12:1 30" over size.
      Yoshimura Stage II Cams - dialed in exact.
      Yoshimura double valve springs
      Titanium retainers and clips
      White Power Titanium Exhaust valves
      APE High Tensile Head Studs
      APE High Tensile Head Nuts
      3mm Aluminium Base Plate (under block) - With this in place, brings the compression back to 110 - 110 - 109 - 111 evenly for boost pressure.
      Vortex Top end oilers
      Stock but balanced rods and crank
      Dynatek 2000 ignition system (Latest upgraded model) old Dyna 2000 caused issues - replaced under warranty for the cost of shipping.
      Dynatek 8mm Graphite Leads
      DR8EAII Iridium plugs ( a far cry from the std JR9A NGK)
      Dynatek 3.0 ohm coils x 2
      Malpassi Fuel regulator Rising Rate set at 1.5 psi
      Bosch Fuel Pump
      Mikuni BST34SS CV Carbs returned to stock Main Jets with #52 Pilot air jet, "4" on the E- Clip and 4 1/2 turns out on the mixture screws just now.
      With this set up its operating between 22-24 of vacuum under test at 2000 rpm
      2009 GSXR750 Front forks and matching rotors with 17" rim.
      SMR Performance 50mm Fork Extenders (Ohlins Replica)
      2011 Modified Brembo Calipers
      Full race clutch (may yet be upgraded to lock up)
      Custom Triple Tree
      Custom Billet Top Yoke
      Custom Battery Box
      12v Lithium Battery
      HEL Braided Brake Lines Front and Rear
      JMC Custom Swingarm able to take a 6" rim if needed.
      2013 GSXR1000 Rear Shock with weighted spring.
      Custom lower linkage
      2009 GSXR 750 Master Cylinder upgrade with adjustable lever
      2009 GSXR 1000 Hydraulic Clutch Cylinder with adjustable lever
      OEM GSXR 50mm clip ons
      RGV500 dash Layout from Suzuki Performance Spares UK
      Custom 3" stainless exhaust with internal 8" resonator.
      Custom TORQUE braided Head oil line fittings from crankcase to head.
      Custom Brake Torque Arm (made to clear new rear wheel)
      All braided fuel lines in Black
      Compliment of Aeroflow fittings where possible
      Mitsubishi TD05H 16G Turbo with 11psi wastegate
      Turbo smart blow off valve
      Turbo Smart boost adjuster
      1 PSI inline check Valve (turbo)
      #130 Main jet restrictor (to regulate oil pressure to turbo)
      Boost Power oil Scavenger Pump
      525 116 Link MVX Chain
      2009 GSXR 750 47 rear Sprocket
      1988 GSXR 1100 15 front sprocket (modified and offset)
      1989 GSXR750R RK single Seat (replica)
      In the spirit of Kevin Schwantz, Michelin Power Cup front and rear
      Brembo Front Pads
      EBC HH rear Pads

      ** With all this goings on, am currently working on changing over to Coil Pencils Sticks and have a set of throttle bodies waiting for the Microsquirt system in V3 to update fuel delivery, but thats next years project

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      • Collected him from Jimmy's this morning. The boys as usual did a great job on making some shim collars for the rear wheel, had to re position the brake caliper - wasn't quite central, then they made a new brake torque arm - look's the goods Also made a centralising collar for the top triple tree so the stem self locates - perfect. Waiting on the return of my clutch lever, that's getting re bushed, old one worn out. Figured I would throw up a few pics of the new brake torque arm, and some outside of the workshop just for a change of pace, then its back inside for more of the usual work in progress


        • Looks the goods mate
          All good girls should whistle!


          • Definitely need an audio clip posted when the time is right. Can't wait to hear it.


            • Had a few starting issues last weekend. Starter motor went to God. Have ordered rebuild kit for it, along with some larger Pilot Jets and a 3' sensor cable for the 02 gauge. The wait starts over


              • After an entertaining afternoon sorting out the starter kit, its in, back on the bike and he starts like a pissed off mule.

                Tomorrow, carbs going back on and we'll try that restart once again Can't wait actually


                • So its been a bit of a shitty week. EsA didnt make the podium, MM came off, HRC spare rider would have been better off taking the train to the finish line.....What we need is some good news.

                  I went out to the workshop this arvo, changed the pilot air mixtures screws, bolted the carbs back on, connected the battery terminals along with the associated leads to get Gramps to fire. Filled the bowls, set the dyna timing, hit the switch and..turned over, but didn't ignite. mmm

                  Checked the connections, removed the retard function on the new unit, and he fired into life. Excellent. Gave him a few minutes to warm up, checked the FPR at 3 psi, locked it down, wheeled it out into the street, Selected 1st, dialed on gingerly, and off we went. Hit 4 G's and fuck me, he bolted like a 2 stroke !

                  Backed off the throttle, wasn't using much to begin with, all this in 1st mind you, turned around at the end of the 300m private road, did it again, hit 3g's and the front wheel came off the floor ever so slightly.

                  Throttle response is not chrisp, so I grabbed a spanner, increased FPR to 3.5 psi and tried again. Throttle response better but under brakes, engine stalled with shut throttle, I now suspect it may be getting too much delivery on shut down. Dialed it back to 3 psi, tried again at prior settings, at 1/8 TOTT still not crisp, lag goes away and bam - power comes on in a rush !

                  The sound of a spool up on the bike ! - There is nothing that can come close in comparison - cant wait to crack it some, but in the back of my mind a voice keeps saying 'patience grasshopper, patience'.

                  Suspect I will have to play with the timing seeing as retard function is a non event right now, could account for the throttle not been chrisp in part, strange though. At map 1 curve preset in Dyna 200 mapping drops back to 34' where as on retard function set to 4' ends up at 36'.

                  I will have to play with the E Clips to get a better feel for whats going on here. upto 1/8 throttle its air/fuel pilot mixture front of carbs anyways, then main jets at cross over point.

                  Cant hurt to play around with it now hes mobile of sorts.
                  Right now its all trial and error till I get to a happy point and handover to a real tuner to finish up.

                  Moral of the story - HE FUCKING WORKS !! Best thing is, he feels more like the thou when I throttle on now, than he ever did as an 1100 which appeared sluggish of the line in std guise.

                  Although he has 12:1 forged slugs the 3mm spacer base plate has a much reduced compression to a point that is tune-able, and I can dial it up to 22 psi from 11 as required, but none of that helps without first a base setting at 11 psi for

                  FPR and Forced air into the plenum.

                  Brembo Brakes work well, had to adjust the shifter too. On the refit I positioned it too low when I put it back on the scoot, didn't check foot on lever action first into 1st then 2nd until today.

                  Its the first ride, of the new millennium and we have progress worth talking about.

                  Found that the oil splashes forward under braking too - will have to fit a non return valve between sump and snail, but for all intensive purposes, we have lift off

                  Naturally street is too short for anything more, and we didnt get much past 4g's at any time.

                  Atleast the rev gauge is functional so I can report back on that
                  - He's geared same as the 7fiddy now, so marginally longer to wind up, which suits me just fine. Wouldn't want an incident at this point in time. Too close for final building - panels paint etc.

                  Mains still at 118 DJ Pilots up to 47.5 from 42.5 with 2.5 turns, floats at 14.6 + or - 1mm

                  The feel of sitting 'inside' the frame has long been forgotten, felt good to wrap myself around the bike to become part of it once more.

                  - Cannot wipe the smile of my face right now, happy as a pig in shit.
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                  • Fantastic post to read. Makes me want to go home and fire up my rebuilt RS250 for the first time.
                    Click Link for My Bikes:

                    Aprilia RS250
                    1985 GSXR750 "Slabbie"


                    • can I suggest having a look at Works Performance USA for your rear shock,they custom build at very good prices.Kevin Shwantz runs them on the Manx Norton he rides for ken Mcintosh,Ken also runs them on the Silver BR that Cam Donald rides,very good gear.


                      • You've probably already explained it.

                        But how do you run boost on a carburettored engine that wasn't made for it.
                        In sterquiliniis invenitur.


                        • Originally posted by Crobbo View Post
                          You've probably already explained it.

                          But how do you run boost on a carburettored engine that wasn't made for it.
                          You pressurise the float bowls and the diaphragms providing equal pressure both top and bottom.

                          The signal for the tops comes from Pitot tube, The pressure from the bottom is from the fuel pressure reg and is currently dialed in at 2psi at idle and as the boost rises,

                          so does the Fuel pressure because its a rising rate item. Heres a quick illustration for you


                          • Bodywork Begins

                            After I threw in an auxiliary battery located under the up and coming single seat cowl, it was back on the operating table for body work. Used the original panels to locate it first - hence why they are on the bike.

                            Removed them all, and wrapped the whole thing up to begin modelling with clay to make the mold with everything underneath in place to get the correct dimensions for the new cowl. The very last picture will give you an idea of which direction im heading. Not saying it will be exact as the solo seat used for the photoshop is for the '89 RK unit.

                            Started this week, hope to have it in some kind of pleasing shape by the end of July and ready for paint.

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                            • A good days work, one side complete for fibreglass cloth work - time to rest up and visualize some more


                              • After many hours of prep work, finally got one half of 2 layers down and sorted.