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Classic 1100 J Last of The Slabbies

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  • Classic 1100 J Last of The Slabbies

    In this build I will be overhauling; upgrading and modernising a favourite in the garage, my GSXR 1100 J 1988 Limited Edition Slabside. I have owned this particular bike since 2004 and have had 7 of the same bike ranging through the 1986 to 1988 models before it dating back to 1988 when I first fell in love with them. Any slabbie buffs will remember the tri-colour; blue and white, red and black but the Black and Gold were limited to 1000 in the world, Australia got a few.

    There are very few of these examples around now in good if not fair condition - one such bike in pristine condition is on display upstairs at Witch Cycles in Rockingham, a fully restored original condition 1986 G Model in Blue and White, right down to the exhaust system, and we must not forget these bikes and the 750 of 1985 put the GSXR on the map.

    In an effort to bring out the best of the bike, I will be taking it back to the frame and starting a ground up rebuild, utilising some modern parts to bring it into the 21st century. There are plenty of donor parts I have lurking around the workshop, and I intend to make it better handling, brakes, and get some real power out of the motor currently lazying about at 130 bhp. The intention is not to restore the bike, but to modernise it, although there are many that may disagree and I should leave it alone entirely.

    Here is the start up pictures of the workshop re-arranged to work on the bike after clearing out all the crap from the Memorial Bike rebuild some of you have read about just completed. As the J is a longer wheel base bike, same as the Hayabusa actually, more room is required to get around it comfortably and of course the motor is coming out too.

    The colour theme of the bike will be withheld and only displayed on completion with all panels on, so don't ask me

    Updates will come to hand and posted as I complete sections at a time. Guess we're in for a long ride this time round....

    Here is how the bike looked when first purchased in 2004.

    Since January 2012, I have been messing with the rear suspension setup trying to find the right fit swingarm, that would give me the look and parts choices sort after. Right now, the bike has a Bandit 1250 swingarm in place, which supports the 180 rear wheel, original Superbike style under slung brake caliper and so on, in an effort to maintain some part of yesteryear. Brake pads are an easy fix for upgrading rear braking habits the rear brake served this model very well, it was the fronts that failed dismally, but the underlying theme must hold true. Stickier tyres, better rear end setup firmer ride at the rear - Slabbie's are notorious for soft suspension.

    More to come.....................

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    Going to be an interesting build, nothing wrong with giving it a bit of a modern spin.
    Originally posted by CBRsairz
    assume nothing Macca, I've totally been cockblocked before :spiteful:


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      After seeing what you did to the 750 I'm on the edge of my seat for this one!


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        My favourite superbike, the original '85 750 is what made me love bikes. Ireckon they still look better than most of the angry insect/ transformer stylings of today.
        'Tis easier to ask forgiveness, than it is to get permission..


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          Looks good, will be interesting to see what you do with it


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            My first R class was a 1986 Tricolour 1100. It was by far the coolest bike I have ever owned.
            It got stolen and trashed, I was shattered.

            Will be following this with a little tear in the corner of my eye. 'sniff'


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              Classic 1100 J Last of The Slabbies

              I have one of these, bought it in 02 after it had an incident with an unmarked cop car and can now never be relicenced. Shame to keep it on a leash but ill be watching with great interest to see what you do with yours.
              Great bike, i have a real soft spot for slabbies and these were the cream, look forward to your build


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                Another nice project on a classic machine!
                The original 1985 GSXR (750) were launched and used to race succesfully in UK ACU Superstock series by GP Suzuki pilot Mick Grant and sponsored by Heron Suzuki UK against VFR750 Honda's and the FZ750 Yamaha's
                The wheels were 18" and were replaced with smaller diameter ones the likes of Astralites etc.( left over from being used in the TZ 500/750 GP Bikes) and shocks with White power (If you had the do$h) and the like units by a great many competitors.
                Front brakes/-suspension were the weak spot in the racing series on these, the grand father of the GSXR series.
                Maybe an adapted colourscheme and racing stickers could be incorporated to reflexed the racing heritage again on this build, just like the Lucky Strike theme you did before.
                The forebear of these Suzuki bikes was the GS750/850/1000 4 cilinder 4 stroke aircooled bike series that was made famous in AMA USA racing by the likes of Wes Cooley against later world champions like "Fast" Freddie Spencer.


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                  Classic 1100 J Last of The Slabbies

                  I reckon a barry sheene replica paint job would be cool
                  'Tis easier to ask forgiveness, than it is to get permission..


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                    Endurance racing XR41 slabbie.


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                      Got 12,000 pounds? xr69..


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                        Originally posted by Sheikh Yerbouti View Post
                        My favourite superbike, the original '85 750 is what made me love bikes. Ireckon they still look better than most of the angry insect/ transformer stylings of today.
                        Yep me too, i had the newspaper or was it REVS? double page spread cut away poster ad up on the bedroom wall for years... then i ruined it all by buying a cheap GPX750R
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                          Classic 1100 J Last of The Slabbies

                          Ive thought about getting a slabby and painting it like this, but i know ill never get around to it, would love to see it done

                          Click image for larger version

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                          'Tis easier to ask forgiveness, than it is to get permission..


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                            Nice project. I suspect your bike is one of the two I owned in the nineties.



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                              As mentioned before Scara, I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with this one, especially after seeing
                              the attention to detail on your 750 ( your son would be proud ).
                              I'm sure you will do it justice and I'm sure a few of the previous and present owners will be watching with interest .