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2010 ZX6R race bike ... Rebuild

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  • 2010 ZX6R race bike ... Rebuild

    Anyone know where I can get a muffler re-skinned?

    New swingarm on it's way. New tank required (too twisted & dented to try and repair), new attack rear sets required (LHS only), new fibreglass required (already have a set sitting in primer). That's hopefully all the big parts - won't know until I take it apart but too sore to work on the bike yet! Could do with checking frame and forks before I spend time and money on this though! Is the frame easy to check for straight?

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    Maybe try chain reaction?

    I 'think' that's the guy that made howler mufflers.

    Also. Pics!
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      Yup, Paul Freer makes?/made? Howler exhausts. Not sure if he still does but should be able to help you out


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          How bad is the tank? You might be able to get away with just a tank cover to hide the damage (guess what is happening to my bike!)


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              I expected a lot worse after seeing pics of [MENTION=5183]TurboR1[/MENTION]'s bike.

              Shame about all the work you didn't need but at least it doesn't look like a strip it to the frame job either.
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                Going by that axle/chain adjuster, I guess turbs got you pretty square in the back wheel.
                No damage to the rim? (other than your own that is)
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                  .. might pay to try Neil Anderson (Mr Kawasaki) a call to see if there are any simple, easy checks, that can be done on the frame/forks & take it from there.

                  I think his mobile is 0410 654 954
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