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Modding the Judge :-)

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  • Modding the Judge :-)

    Seeing at the TnT has very little left to do its time to start planning to modify the Judge :-)
    currently she is like this

    the black headers you see are actually a cover over the stock SS headers so to save weight and improve the looks I plan on removing the covers and wrapping the headers in Ti exhaust wrapping and removing any further fake heavy metal. removing the stock cans (the heaviest exhaust I have ever come across!!) and the Cobra insert has honestly taken over 20Kg off the arse end of the bike already!
    So far the planned list is as follows.

    Victory Judge Modification List
    • Rear shock 1”longer with hydraulic preload.
    • Wrapped Headers
    • Oil cooler guard
    • Factory quick release panniers.
    • Factory quick release fly wind screen and pillion back rest
    • Toolkit roll
    • Fly quick release screen
    • Cobra Tri-oval with insert removed
    • Hi flow air filter
    • Instrument unlocked for additional info displays (2nd trip meter, instantaneous fuel consumption, ambient temp, distance remaining etc).
    • Throttle lock
    • Stiffer front springs
    • Adjustable timing advance gear from Loydz
    • 90 degree valve stems
    • Oil temperature gauge / filler plug.
    • LED billet Indicator
    • LED lamp replacement for headlight
    • Dyno tune
    • alarm

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    came across this on german ebay, while not a effective as the victory big windscreen I think it looks pretty good :-)

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      Yeah I like it. Looks mildly out of place given its narrower than the front end, but still looks good. Does a great job of hiding the ugly gauge from view.

      That's one of my biggest gripes with the Victory bikes, the handlebar mounted gauges instead of on the tank.
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        Originally posted by R160 View Post
        Much better with a number board on the oil tank.
        Originally posted by Desmo
        Why be a cunt about it?


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          first problem is sourcing some stiffer front springs, cant find a single supplier but the forks are 43mm kayabas with cartridges so I expect to be able to cross reference them, so emailed Victory Oz asking about stock spring rate and diameter length etc so I can order some. funnily enough progressive suspension in the states has a rear shock with preload adjuster but list no fork springs, but I expect I can cross match, Nitron makes some good looking rear shocks. I'm also looking into a Vrod or monster front screen.


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            first bits are arriving, new racetech fork springs (racetech list springs for the Vegas, same front end on the Judge), stock is 0.5kg rate going up to 0.9 :-), also will be fitting race tech gold valves and springs to a mates wide glide at the same me. oil swapped out to 15wt belray oil

            Ordered some lava rock header wrap from revolution race gear so the black header heat shields are coming off and wrap on.

            also picked up a NOS victory leather tool roll. I'll be ducking off to bunnings to source some pvc pipe to fit inside to keep its shape and mounting it on the rear fender brackets.

            Pics to follow :-)

            Also getting some decals made up to go onto side panels


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              Originally posted by R160 View Post
              also picked up a NOS victory leather tool roll.
              Sounds funny hearing NOS in relation to Victory who only seem to be 5 minutes old


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                taken out the stock springs and drained out the old oil as much as possible without removing the forks altogether, siphoned off about 400ml from each leg, new 15w in. made up a fork oil level tool with a plastic syringe and a piece of rigid retic poly pipe cut to a overall length of 150mm so I can just rest the syringe on top of each fork leg to achieve the correct oil level. cheap and simple and works perfectly :-)
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                  fitted the thermal wrap, off with the fake and heavy fat pipe covers and on with the lava rock wrap

                  hopefully the courier rocks up today with my new racetech springs :-(

                  also from looking at the front forks I'll get another LH fork leg, fit it to the right etc and go with dual discs up front


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                    Pipes look good


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                      and courier arrives :-)


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                        Will be throwing these decals onto the bike this week, big thumbs up to Tim (Black FZR) for making them up;-)

                        cut /shaped to fit the side covers

                        next month the Lloydz performance billet air filter, ignition advancer / vernier wheel and idle air control valve,+ 1/4 turn throttle.


                        also scored some as new victory quick lock panniers for way under 50% of what they would cost new :-)


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                          some pics of what I can expect the new airbox to look like once te restrictive plactc boxcomesout.


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                            ^ That looks good!


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                              well whilst shannons and copper locate hino driver cocksucker , I ordered some decals from Tim (aka Black FZR) to experiment a bit with something different to skulls and eagles. and no I'm not a redneck or CFMEU member, but I do think its time to renew the eureka rebellion now that Abbotts about to fuck up the country... :-)