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  • CB750K2 - My New Bike

    Well this took alot longer than expected.

    Here's a picture of the ol'girl all shiny and new.

    Got a bit of an issue balancing the carby, so if anyone has any tips on this or would like to show me over a beer, would greatly appreciate any advice anyone has on this model.
    Originally posted by Rich...
    You got me in trouble...

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    They hung a sign up in our town "If you live it up, you won't live it down"-Tom Waits


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      is this going to be a sweet reverse build where we get to see you crash everything off it?

      nice bike btw (in post #1 )


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        Do a wheelie, smoke it up.


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          Rest in Peace



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            Worst troll ever. At least [MENTION=27121]Gippo[/MENTION] has developed some subtlety.
            Originally posted by Desmo
            Why be a cunt about it?


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              Thanks for buying this. I was drooling every day on Gumtree. Building a house so wifey would have killed me. Enjoy it. It looks mint.
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                Very nice. I used to synchronize carbies using a long fuel hose, like a stethoscope, you put one end near you ear and the other end near the intake, listen to each one and adjust until they all have the same sound.


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                  Cool lookin' machine Sooks, don't crash it.
                  AKA Lady Jonas


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                    What did that set you back?


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                      looks too nice to ride
                      Originally posted by Bendito
                      If we get to a stop and we are missing a dozen bikes and you are last, it was your fault. Don't be that guy. No one likes that guy.


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                        make a good coffee table till you get the carbs done.

                        snap on do a carb balancing set but thats way down my list of buy ins

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                          Good to see you're still with us and in one piece.
                          Why is this a project bike? Besides the carbs, I don't see anything to do on this bike. IT IS MINT! Even the paint looks brand new. Or is this the after pic?
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                            Hi Guys,

                            Thanks for the comments

                            This bike has quite a bit of history

                            It's been one only owner. This is the after picture [MENTION=24890]SilentBob[/MENTION] and was a 5 year rebuild which actually belonged to my father - inwhich I'm now the owner

                            Theres a few things that need to be added/changed but as [MENTION=8418]potato[/MENTION] mentioned it's quite a good coffee table

                            Need to get a new battery, balance the carbs and then it should be good to go. Will hopefully have this done over the weekend, and I'll be able to take it for a putt around town.

                            Will be good to slowdown a bit =)
                            Originally posted by Rich...
                            You got me in trouble...


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                              find the best carb guy in town and pay to get it done properly.Once.There'll be a heap of little things he'll pick up that you won't notice.