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Ducati Monster M900ie - Naked 80s Gp Throwback

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  • Ducati Monster M900ie - Naked 80s Gp Throwback

    Hey everyone,

    I'm going to do a build thread for my Ducati M900ie project. It'll be fairly extensively modified by the time I'm done with it. There'll be Radical Ducati parts straight out of France, lots of carbon and most importantly a feisty engine build.

    I've always loved Ducatis but I never saw myself on a Monster. I'm a bit of a super / hyper sport kid...

    Minsters just never really sat right with me. Until I found myself looking for an easily modifiable bike with an awesome fun engine base. That's about the time I began to see the magic in the monster series.

    I've been making the transition from dirt to road bikes but I came to the somewhat frustrating conclusion that going racing was just too expensive for this stage in life. The alternative (in my mind) was to build a wickedly fun track orientated but streetable bike to tinker with and hit the track with.

    Enter my 2001 Monster m900ie.

    Im really inspired by the work that the guys at Radical Ducati have been doing in recent years. Blending oldschool looks with modern styling and hardware. That's the direction I'll be heading in for this project. Being a monster it'll be remaining a naked bike with an L Twin 2 Valve power plant. It's basically the perfect engine, strong, light and durable with great aftermarket support.

    I haven't been doing much except ordering a tonne of parts and sourcing lots of goodies so for now I'll leave you with a picture of her standard...

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    You should talk to [MENTION=5403]monsta[/MENTION]...

    I have a nice S4R...


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      Love it! I miss my Monster so much .....

      RR - - -


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        slippery road to an empy wallet!
        I did enquire to Radical, (before he sold to the French) about them tanks, but they dont make em for the carbie monsters!

        the monsta build...

        get onto that forum, lots of good people and info...


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          I'm very sure it'll end in an empty wallet.

          I've learnt from many past car projects that getting informed and researching the shit out of everything to make sure you do it right the first time is the best way to keep on budget.

          It'll be a relatively expensive build but not obscene. I'm a mechanical engineer so I have access to a lot of workshops and tooling. I've also met a big base of bike mad and ducati mad people through work so I've got access to a lot of knowledge as well. Part of the reason I'm doing a build thread is to expand the knowledge circle. It's the only way to build something practically perfect haha.

          I also did the best part of a spray painting apprenticeship before doing engineering. So I can do most of the paint work myself which will help reduce costs where I can.

          I'm in the process of designing and getting an exhaust made up. I want to keep it looking and sounding nice while keeping performance as a priority.

          My plan at this stage is to have the exhausts dumping either side of the rear wheel with a custom muffler mounted towards the middle of the engine. It'll be a bit tricky but I think it's achievable.


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            PS I'm ordering the Radical Ducati Manx Tank and Seat tomorrow. Gun be rad.


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              Originally posted by monsta View Post
              slippery road to an empy wallet!
              I did enquire to Radical, (before he sold to the French) about them tanks, but they dont make em for the carbie monsters!

              the monsta build...

              get onto that forum, lots of good people and info...
              You're build looks awesome man. I'm sure I'll be throwing some questions your way!

              Could even catch up for a ride!


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                Questions Time...

                Regarding exhaust sizing, I've decided to stray from my original plan and run a two into 1 system.

                My question is, what size exhaust should I be running,

                I've heard that 50mm is fairly standard on these however I'm also well aware that going too big will severely effect the performance of the exhaust. Remembering that this will be a road ridden bike (And that Ducati L-Twins make power in mid range) I want to make sure I'm not going to end up hindering performance.

                I've done some very basic calcs based on Exhaust Dia and area.

                44mm = 6,080mm2

                50mm = 7,850mm2

                64mm = 12,860mm2

                I was considering running 50mm pipes from the heads with a 64mm collector end dia.

                However in order to maintain the same required exhaust dia I would need 15,700mm2 (64mm = 12,860mm2) of area to maintain similar flow. This will obviously provide back pressure from the collector towards the head however will cause exhaust gas velocity to slow in the header pipes.

                My question is..

                Would I be better off running the 44mm (6080mm2) into a 64mm (12860mm2) to provide high exhaust velocity in the header tube and flow at the collector through the muffler?

                It's a bit of a tricky one, are there any exhaust gurus on here?


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                  Exhaust plans have been finalised.

                  I've ordered a 60mm inlet Spark Megaphone muffler which will be side mounted. Obviously it'll be a two into a one system, I'll be running 50mm pipes off the heads.

                  I have had a tonne of bits and pieces on order for the controls.

                  Vortex Clip On Bars
                  CNC Brake Levers
                  CNC Alloy Brake and Clutch Resivours
                  CNC Headlight Bracket
                  ODI Ruffian Gp Grips
                  Bar End Mirrors

                  These have all been fitted. I'm really happy with the way it's all fitted up.

                  Next is continuing a general tidy up of the whole bike.

                  I've finalised my order for a Radical Ducati Manx Tank and Seat so they should be here in about 2 months.


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                    So I spent today tidying the beast up and installing a few bits and pieces.

                    Installed the rear end bits and prices and shortened the loom to the rear of the bike so it's not such a mess under there. I need to get a 6-6 plug to tidy it up a bit more as I forgot to grab one during the week.

                    I also picked up the following this week,

                    - Vee Two 230 Cams
                    - Ducati Performance 44mm Valves
                    - 916 Showa Forks
                    - New Headlight (Old one was chipped)
                    - Indicator Resistors

                    I also sourced,

                    - 944 Overbore Barrel and Piston
                    - Two Heads to play with
                    - 1 x 5 Spoke rear wheel (or buying a pair)

                    Things are moving along nicely on the parts front. Thanks a lot to Marty (sorry don't know your username) who had a tonne of the stuff I was chasing and some great information to share.

                    Engine wise I'm not sure what I'll end up doing. I've heard that the money and effort involved with installing the 44mm Valves may not give the benefit due to the restrictive 900 intake port design. Obviously the 944 kit may make the oversized valelves more effective.

                    I'm still chasing information on this so if any of the Ducati nuts know anything I'd appreciate the input.


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                      following :-)


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                        Originally posted by R160 View Post
                        following :-)
                        Haha thanks man, hopefully my thread will be as rewarding as you think it'll be!


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                          Update time,

                          I've been doing my best to get the suspension components of the bike sorted. I've got the following suspension goodies organised,

                          Suspension Parts

                          - DU8302 Ohlins Shock from a 2000 M900ies
                          - 916 Showa 43mm Forks - Racetech goodness will happen here with a full rebuild

                          *All this gear will be getting set up and fiddled with as I go with the help of a few experts around the place.

                          Picture just for arousal.

                          Other than that there has been little progress as I'm still waiting on some critical parts before exhaust fabrication etc can take place.

                          Engine Goodness

                          Although an actual engine build is still a few months off (I promised myself I'd get the bike built and painted etc before going spastic with the engine) I've been pondering the specs for a baseline engine build with input from some very knowledgeable people. I've had several discussion with the guys at Vee Two racing regarding cam specs and exhaust design (They did an incredible amount of work back in the day with the 2v Ducati's back in the day as we're all aware). Andrew has been incredibly helpful and forthcoming with knowledge which has been brilliant. I've also been speaking to a whole bunch of other people around the place regarding tuning and timing maps etc and need to start making some decisions about what I plan on doing.

                          I've also made contact with the guys at JPrecision in Canada regarding their 2 Valve Race Heads. [MENTION=5403]monsta[/MENTION] has used these on his build and the pictures I've seen of their work have blown me away. They've been using these heads for a long time in the US and Canadian race scene and seem to have perfected the flow and function of the 2 Valve Heads.

                          Other than I'm contemplating the issues associated with higher compression engines and the functionality of them in the Perth summer. I don't quiet know where to draw the line here yet as I still want to be able to give it a hiding at the track and through the hills without temperature concerns. At the end of the day though I'm not a fan of riding in 35 degree + heat so the issue mightn't be as much of a concern as initially thought haha.

                          Specs (At this stage)

                          - 944 Big Bore Kit
                          - 11:1 Compression Pistons
                          - JPrecision Racing Heads (Tig Welded Intake, CNC Ported Intake and Exhaust, Combustion Chamber redesign, Oversized Valves etc)
                          - Vee Two 213 Street Cams (This may change)
                          - Tidy up on the bottom end with balancing and rotating weight reduction
                          - Power Commander 3
                          - Unlocked and Flashed ECU with Timing Map
                          - Custom Stainless 2-1 Tuned Length Exhaust with Spark Megaphone Muffler
                          - A decent Igniter, Ignition Coils and Leads

                          I'm by means planning on making this an absolute monster of a Monster, I'm completely happy with the idea of a healthy (And stupid reliable) 90 - 100hp at the wheel.

                          I've confirmed that the all the M900ie Monsters have the 888 short ratio Gearsets in them which means there's no need to tinker in that area other than a selector and bearing tidy up.

                          Something else I have seen done is the modification of 998 and 999 Front and Rear Wheels to fit the Monster. I'm looking at going to a 888 / Monster Alloy Swing arm so adapting these to suite and playing with the wheels shouldn't be a major concern. I absolutely love the design of the late model sbk wheels and think they will look epic on the monster. They're also forged and lighter than the standard wheels so there's some performance befits in unsprung and rotating mass there as well.

                          Some more motivation. This if you'll beleive it is an M900 Monster. Mine won't be quiet as wild as this but it uses the same tank as I've ordered and is my inspiration for adopting the 998 wheels. So imagine this with a less aggressive rear end and no front fairing. That's the aim of the game.


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                            Hmmm so I just discovered there's an RAC Tuning Day on tomorrow arvo.

                            Anyone going to this? I'm considering taking the Monster out for some baseline lap times and generally for shits and giggles...


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