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'85 GSXR750 - #havetostopbuyingwrecks

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  • '85 GSXR750 - #havetostopbuyingwrecks

    Today I made a very poor financial decision and spent money that I don't really have on a bike that I don't really need. The good news is that at least it wasn't a great deal of money. The bad news is that it's going to end up being a good deal of money...

    Things have been unusual for me lately. I quit my job, had an operation and scored a really large tool chest as an early Christmas present. Limping around the house with all of this free time was pretty frustrating and so I decided to organise my small work room, sorting my tools in to the new chest. It now sits in the middle of the room preventing access to everything else.

    With this feat of genius achieved I decided it was best to buckle down and have a look for work on Seek. Now, I don't know if you've been on Seek recently, but there seems to be an overwhelming lack of pictures of motorbikes, the logical outcome of which was that I found myself looking at motorbikes on Gumtree instead.

    Having only recently completed my Aprilia RS250, and now with a fancy new toolbox, I wondered what sort of bike might make me want to embrace my OCD nature once again. I entered some search terms and BLAM, there it was. A horrible looking 1985 GSXR750. In Bunbury.

    Luckily(?) fate intervened in the form of a friend who "felt like a drive to Bunbury" (I thought that was a 'said no-one, ever' joke) and, as the bike was a non-runner, he even brought his trailer along. Such a good enabler.

    So here it is - $1,500 of rattle-canned, first generation Gixxer.

    And that's how it's going to stay for a while, until I work out exactly what to do with it and locate the necessary parts. Help is welcomed and appreciated.

    Rough plan so far:
    • Replace the front end with a modern upside-down unit and 17" wheel. Apparently they're pretty interchangeable with later model GSXR750 units, something something speedo drive, something something will 2011+ Big Piston Forks fit?
    • Replace the rear wheel with a something to match the front wheel - J model rims are a straight swap, but I'm keen to get a longer, braced swingarm anyway - what are my options? And what rear shock will that leave me being able to use?
    • The bodywork I think I have sorted - anyone have any experiences with Airtech-Streamlining? As for the colour scheme, no idea yet.
    • The frame needs bracing apparently, even for fast road use. Something about it weighing 8kg and the wall thickness of the alloy being too thin. I've seen some guides for the Katana, is it same-same?
    • And the engine. This one has been clocked but apparently is still strong. Being me I'm going to probably want to rebuild it along with the gearbox. I need to find an ignition advancer and some 36mm Mikuni carbs as well as Dynojet Stage 3 jets - amirite?
    • Exhaust. Maybe I fork out for a Yoshimura system. Maybe there are better ideas?

    Thanks for reading
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    1985 GSXR750 "Slabbie"

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    Nice one Loud, I'm sure it will end up looking as good as your RS.
    Look forward to watching your progress.

    This site Is great for info mate.
    If it's been done to an oiler, it's been done on that site .

    Yoshi has just made a new batch of systems for the slabbies as luck would have it.


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      Looking forward to seeing this at the 2017 bike show or before


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        Yoshi has just started to do full systems-for these things.
        Suzuki GB has listed the gsxr range in vintage status for OEM stuff.
        50 Yo.....anniversary of gsxr, too.
        Most suzui parts interchange from model to'll have a ball.
        I use Dyna ignition products..
        carbies are another matter although later model bandit carbs do fit
        See Oldsckool Suzuki..
        Subbd.. ;-)
        " Imagination is the seed of life..."


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          Chuck Norris is 1/8th Cherokee. This has nothing to do with ancestry, the man ate a fucking Indian.


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            Might be of use



            Also, I have a steering stem and lower clamp from a K6 Gixxer thousand lying around that you can have for free if they'll be of any use to you? (came with the pair of forks I swapped into my busa)

            Looking forward to seeing this project progress.

            Lastly, jesus tittyfucking christ almighty, that paintjob is quite impressively awful...
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              Nice pickup Loud, looking forward to seeing this beaut get some loving.
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              Originally posted by Aufitt
              Try Para045, he definitely sounds all gooey in the fork for ya


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                I think [MENTION=6870]XSorXpire[/MENTION] has some flatslides that may suit?
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                Originally posted by Desmo
                Why be a cunt about it?


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                  Got a factory workshop manual for one of those ( my 1st big bike) you can have if you want?
                  I'm not saying let's go kill all the stupid people, I'm just saying lets remove all the warning lables and let the problem sort itself out...
                  - Sarcasteacher


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                    Some more pictures of the bike:

                    It's truly, truly bad and so I'm using this picture for inspiration instead

                    I love those fairings, especially the rear tail.

                    [MENTION=8268]shaynus[/MENTION] - I'll gladly accept that please, if you can let me know how best to get it from you? PM me if you prefer.
                    [MENTION=12528]Commander Keen[/MENTION] - Good thought but I'm going to aim for Mikuni 34ss carbies as there's model-specific info available for them which will simplify tuning.
                    [MENTION=6983]House[/MENTION] - Appreciate the offer and I may yet take you up on those, but for now I'll be researching what year is going to be the easiest swap and trying to find a complete front end.
                    [MENTION=6053]duc13[/MENTION] and [MENTION=25224]GsxInShed[/MENTION] - great links thanks and I think I'll be ordering that Yoshi system as soon as funds are available!

                    Thanks everyone for the encouragement, if you come across any parts on ebay or Gumtree that are worth a look then post up and I'll check them out.

                    Meanwhile, I've decided to sell the '11 GSXR 600 to fund the project. With the RS125 for sale too I'm hoping my garage will look a little more sensible shortly, leaving me with money to get this show on the road.
                    Click Link for My Bikes:

                    Aprilia RS250
                    1985 GSXR750 "Slabbie"


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                      Had my first tankslapper on one of these.

                      They along with ZXR's are rare here in Oz, looking in Brit mags seem to indicate a much bigger market over there.

                      A real groundbreaker in their day.

                      Good Luck with getting it back to that picture image.


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                        do you even know how to 4-stroke? ;-)
                        Quote Originally Posted by GsxInShed
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                        It also serves as a portal for clever code writers to embed 'dormant till pinged'.....ransomware...I love tech....amidointhisrite..?

                        Fess up who hacked GSX's account? This post was perfectly readable in every way


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                          Originally posted by Crim View Post
                          Had my first tankslapper on one of these.
                          Me too.
                          Ah, memories !
                          Turns out mine was an ex race bike. Quite a step up from a 250cc dirt bike! Still remember it fondly though :-)
                          I'm not saying let's go kill all the stupid people, I'm just saying lets remove all the warning lables and let the problem sort itself out...
                          - Sarcasteacher


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                            See; Motogenn on ebay.....tasty !
                            " Imagination is the seed of life..."


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                              I get the biggest hard on for 80's jap sports bikes. I'll be watching this thread like a peeping tom 0_0