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1987 Yamaha SRX 250 Project

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    Originally posted by Baz69 View Post
    Yeah I am lucky engine is good ,I got lots of bits new and used from Japan auction sites much cheaper than Yamaha dealers ,if your looking for parts I used Jauce auction Japan,but be careful there are fees to be paid and here customs get you but still works out cheaper
    I had a good look at that site... there is certainly plenty there... prices are OK until you factor in freight and surcharges... plus the parts that I do want show up as not available for International

    ON the engine front.. the bore is really good... still some original cross hatching showing... very faintly. Ring end gaps are good and there is very little blow-by showing on the piston so I am thinking that maybe the 15,000km showing on the speedo might be correct.
    I have made an offer on a ratty looking XT350 head that has good valves.. the rest is really scrap value but if I get it foe what I offered I will be a little better off than buying new valves from the US... and then waiting for them.

    I will check skirt to bore clearance later in the week but it is all looking good so far...

    As for the FZR front end... I have checked the bearing numbers and i think it will all go together OK... only real way to tell is to try it... but that is a little way off yet.
    More pictures to come next weekend hopefully...


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      A little bit of an update... I finally got around to whipping out the 2 Inlet valves and while they are certainly bent... the head itself looks to be pretty good... It looks like there was a valve job done on it not long before it failed as the faces on the Inlet valves look like they have just been lapped... no carbon to speak of either...

      The 2 inlet valves are certainly bent... hopefully my replacement ratty head turns up this week so I can start the reassembly...


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        Check crack in the valve seat ...near spark plug.....

        Detonation damage too ... mate.. holes/dents in chamber......look at it!!

        Buf that comp chamber smooth as a hookers' waxed vag.....

        plug index looks' great.....maybe 180 deg out,,?
        " Imagination is the seed of life..."


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          1987 Yamaha SRX 250 Project

          Definitely no cracks on the inlet side. Exhaust valves yet to be removed but nothing visible under intense LED lights.
          Signs of detonation but no holes and some minor damage in the shrouded area near one inlet valve.
          Still pretty good for a 29 year old thumper engine.
          Yep, the chamber will be polished up smooth as... Not that it will do much [emoji4]


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            Yeh..but you'll know it's smooth.
            " Imagination is the seed of life..."


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              And it will look good in the build thread [emoji5]


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                Yeh..... hey.

                Cast mark... is cast mark... hot spot...blah blah.........;-)

                Look good??? noone is gunna see what u do to the head...

                They might see you leave them for standing... at the
                " Imagination is the seed of life..."


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                  So.... lots of progress but no new pics... just yet.
                  Bike is fully stripped and the FZR front end and Swing Arm have been trial fitted. Front is a direct swap... so that is easy. The Swing arm fits perfectly but the SRX mono shock hits on the swing arm so there needs to be some sleeves and spacers made up to adapt the FZR Monoshock.. so that is all good.
                  The engine is progressing with the valves all lapped in, paint all stripped (well 90% of it) and ready for reassembly and checking of valve clearances.
                  The barrel has been honed and ring end gap set... piston is soaking to dissolve any carbon in the ring grooves or at least soften it up and then it should all be good to go for assembly.

                  I have some redundant brackets etc on the frame that need to be removed and I am looking at alternatives for different rear sets and what needs to be welded onto the frame before having it blasted and powder coated.
                  I am currently looking at a set of Hyosung GT650R rear sets which look pretty good... and has the rear brake master cylinder mount included... I just need to try and get mounting hole dimensions...
                  I have worked out the gearing I need based on available rear sprockets on the FZR rear wheel and the SRX front sprocket so that has all worked out OK.

                  I guess I should really take pics this weekend to go along with this post... lol I will try to remember.
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                    It has been a while with little done until this week... mainly due to work being so busy and having to wait for the head to be done... had all the valve lapped in and decided to check it with a leak test (upside down and fluid sitting in the combustion chamber) and basically there was a leak from inlet and exhaust... so off to a local engine builder for a proper valve grind... bead blast and valve clearances set...they also found one of the cam retainer bolts had stipped the tread so they fixed that as well...
                    I also found that there was a problem with the balance shaft drive gear (on the main shaft). The gear is a 2 piece unit with 6 springs and 3 pins. Luckily I decided to check it as there were only 2 pins in place.. the poor engine would have tried to shake itself to pieces like that..
                    Bottom end is all done... paint stripped off... rebuilt with new parts where necessary. Piston soda blasted to remove all carbon... new rings.. bore is honed. fully refurbished head fitted up and cam timing set and triple checked.
                    Engine has been primed with heat proof (350C) primer and then given 2 coats of White Night Heatproof Charcoal Grey paint... I had to strip the Stator cover again as the paint wrinkled in a couple of spots so it needs another coat.. then I will hit it with Heat proof clear.
                    A new Oil site glass will go in and with my hand made gaskets will be buttoned up next weekend.. but basically the engine is finished.
                    Pics so far...

                    Next Step is to move onto the frame... figuring out the rear sets and mounting position for the rear brake master cylinder... sorting the rear suspension... then stripping it all back and painting it.

                    Here is the Swing Arm located as well as the rear shock so I can get some measurements for bushes etc...

                    Rear Shock in place....

                    Not sure if I will need to shorten the links... that will have to wait till I have it back on wheels to judge height, shock clearance etc.

                    I am also looking at what to do with instruments... I am able to have new White Faces done for the existing Speedo, Tacho and fuel gauge... but I am not sure on doing that or using after market speedo and tacho... hmmm.
                    Also re-thinking what I was going to do for the seat...

                    Anyway.. at least I am moving forward now....


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                      I have moved on a little further now... Engine has been clear coated and moved to a nice secure spot where it wont be damaged...hopefully

                      And as can be seen from the pic above... I have been testing out the colour scheme I want... Maybe it is easier to see in the next pic....

                      The colour is a 2016 Mustang colour called Ruby Red.... it has quite a bit of candy and pearl in it so it changes hue dependent on the light etc. It may end up slightly darker if I shoot the paint over a black base... but maybe not as there will be multiple coats of colour and then quite a few clear... but there is a lot of prep work before I even get close to that.

                      The tank has been stripped and it revealed it has had a tough life... plenty of dings... high spots... low spots so plenty of dent pulling where possible and then quite a few goes at filling... sanding... filling and sanding... still a bit to go but getting closer.

                      I have also managed to strip the paint off the Swing arm and etch prime it...

                      Sourced some Rearsets from a Kawasaki Ninja 250 that match the frame mount centres (pics to come soon) and have ordered a custom set of Gauge Faces... in white with black numbers and the increment lines in red... should look cool. Will post up pics when I get them... or at least get pics of them.

                      I am still weighing up my options on the seat and the rear of the frame... I cant seem to find a pre bent frame hoop for the rear with the right dimensions... they all seem to be 230mm outside to outside where my frame is 200mm. Maybe I need to get one made... then I can sort out the seat and start looking at what I can hide under there... like Battery etc...

                      Plenty to do but no rush... at least not yet... I know that as I do more and it starts to come together I will be pushing to get it all done and running...


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                        Any updates Andy?