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1987 SRX250 Project in Southern California

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  • 1987 SRX250 Project in Southern California

    Hey everyone-

    I owned an SRX250 when I was in college in 1989 and loved this bike until I got into a serious accident and stayed off bikes until I got into my forties and purchased a KTM RC390. After modding that to death, I found an SRX 250 in decent condition and have begun to rebuild this bike for my wife as her first bike. I've never had a project motorcycle. I fully restored a 1988 Toyota MR2 a few years ago, but this is all new to me. I'm impressed by many of the restores I've seen on this forum. Oh my SRX came with a 350 engine as well.

    Unfortunately while the bike runs, it came with the gas tank stripped down, and I didn't realize until after purchase the pet cock assembly was missing. I've since ordered parts through Partzilla but finding that I'm not completely sure what connects to the connector at the back of the tank that points towards the front of the seat? This isn't my tank but it shows the connector on the rear that I'm wondering about?

    Where does #51 go?

    I'm also seeing what appears to be a shut off valve after the pet cock with also maybe a fuel filter? Was this OEM?

    I REALLY like this raced out SRX250. I would love to make my bike look like this one.

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    I rode these back when they were new. Nice handling bike.

    That last shot is not the standard motor. It could be fun.
    as for 51 well thats a good question. It could be a breather tube.

    Ill have a look on the microfiche
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      Wow, those US bikes have some complicated emissions gear. Here in Australia #51 would go straight to the road, as would 43.

      Don't know that we got the SRX over here? Looks good though - especially that modded one in the picture. Good luck with the project!
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        Originally posted by Arwon View Post
        I rode these back when they were new. Nice handling bike.

        That last shot is not the standard motor. It could be fun.
        Well that answers my question as to whether they were available here

        Looks like the same motor, just painted and with an oil filter and adapters fitted?
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          item 20 is the fuel filter in the tank, so i would guess that the valve was added because the floats in the carbies was a bit hit or miss.

          Item 15 is the standard item.

          I don't know if you were on this site but it should help.

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            drop a bit of fuel around inside were the petrol cap is

            see if it runs out that pipe out the back of the tank ?

            it looks like if you over fill the tank thats the run off pipe

            make sure there's enough flexible pipe on the bike from that pipe and run it down under the bike

            excess petrol can run away from the bike not damaging bike components with fluid

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              yeh i think the rear one is overflow drain, it'd come out somewhere left hand side near the footpeg and stand, you might be able to see where it was mounted?

              The shut off valve surely isnt OEM and is way too small for a filter, so its only an on-off valve,the only reasons i could think of is because the fuel cocks stuck open and they didnt want to take it apart or buy a new one because it cost too much too hard...., or it was going to be some kind of easily accessible take the tank off tank fuel line quick release ??
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                I appreciate all the responses very much! I can see this restoration project is going to get very involved. I'm a detailer/paint correction specialist by trade who is mechanically inclined, but with very little knowledge of how bikes go together. I've been doing a ton of reading however and am getting a lot more familiar with this bike. I received today a service manual that I bought off eBay that came from New Zealand and that has helped tremendously. I've also found a number of shops that perform restorations on old vehicles because my fuel sender is completely rusted out and I cannot source a replacement. My fuel tank is also full of pinholes, and I've located a local company that restores old motorcycle gas tanks. I wish I could do all this work myself, but I'm definitely going to have to rely on a number of experts to help me restore this. It appears I'll have to purchase tires from outside of the USA to get the OEM sizes. FZR250's are no where to be found in the USA either lol.

                One of my first big tasks besides just collecting the parts to replace what's missing or broken, is figuring out how to mate the 350 top end to the SRX250 bottom end. Has anyone done a writeup of exactly what's involved in doing this? Can I just take both engines to a machine shop and ask them to combine them and "make it work"? lol.

                This project is daunting but fortunately there is no deadline, so I have all the time in the world.


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                  While I am a little late to this party I can help with a few of the questions...

                  To make it into a 350 is not such an easy task but is certainly do-able.. the 350 and 250 share the same stroke and conrod so the barrel is larger for the increased capacity.
                  To fit the 350 barrel you would need to have a machine shop to enlarge the hole in the crankcases to accept the 350 barrel... it apparently doesnt leave much room for the gasket but some work with a good sealer and it is OK.
                  The other task is to either source a 350 clutch cover or machine an oil feed so the 350's external oil line to the head can be fitted... you need to plug the internal oil feed in the crankcase as well.
                  The 250 cylinder head wont work so you need to 350 head as well... other than that it is re-jetting the carbies and I would fit a heavy duty clutch and bigger battery (for starting) as well.

                  That race bike has been highly modified... looks to have FZR250 3LN front forks (twin discs and 38mm forks) and the alloy FZR250 3LN swing arm with accompanying brakes and wheels...
                  It is a relatively easy conversion...I am doing it to my SRX250 (the suspension that is) although I am using the steel SRX25 3WP 1991 (Japan only) swing arm and will be fitting a Yamaha R6R adjustable rear shock...

                  Good luck with the project.. It would be good to see some pics of your progress...