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Steering lock. Do i need it for licensing

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  • Steering lock. Do i need it for licensing

    Hi everyone this is my very first post on any forum anywhere. Please be gentle.

    Im currently modifying an XL250 HONDA 1973. im hoping to license her once finished. The steering lock is shot so im wondering if i can get it registered with out it. Ive looked on the gov web sight but come up with a big fat zero.
    When i get used to this posting thing ill put some photos up. thanks

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    Shouldnt think so...if the lock cylinder is still in there leave it but I have never had them try it to see if it works on bikes I have registered
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      Have a look on eBay , lots of compete ones with keys for under $50


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        I'd ask one of the garages that do license inspections for bikes.

        Try Steve's in Midland for a straight answer;
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          It would be a good idea to have it there as some inspectors do check this. From memory I’m pretty sure my old boss checked them and a couple didn’t have them, he let the owner know of this, problem is I can remember if he passed them. But I can’t see how it effects the safety of the rider or others.
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            Thanks everyone for the feed back gives me a options. Turbo thanks ill give Steves a ring. Oh, mate i think your sign off is a ripper go for it.